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Chevy K5 Blazer Custom Fit for Everyone from Rockstars to Rock Crawlers

Best known for churning out clean and drivable slammed C-10s, Delmo Speed in Burbank, California went a different direction for this Chevy K5 Blazer build for famed Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker.

custom chevrolet k5 blazer travis barker sutton 324a7159

While some may have thought an off-road capable build was outside of Del’s wheelhouse, the opportunity was a breath of fresh air for him. Tackling any project that comes his way, Del – who moved to So Cal from the Great White North – takes each build down to the frame and starts fresh with new components he knows will work well and hold up to a daily beating.

custom chevrolet k5 blazer travis barker sutton 324a7123

For Travis’ K5 Blazer that meant changing everything from the diffs to the transfer case to meet today’s needs of a trail boss. The heartbeat is created by a new LS3 engine mated to a 4L65e transmission. Bilstein shocks and Nitto Trail Grapplers keep it grounded with a comfortable ride whether you’re a rock star or rock crawler.

custom chevrolet k5 blazer travis barker sutton 324a7101

From the outside, this Travis’ Blazer looks pretty bare bones. If it was chrome it got murdered out, grey satin keeps the rest of the body on the down low.

custom chevrolet k5 blazer travis barker sutton 324a7253

Inside you’ll find some of the nicest upholstery work down by Fat Lucky Interiors. He knows how to make things look classic and just right and has got to be one of the best trimmers of today.

custom chevrolet k5 blazer travis barker sutton 324a7381

The photoshoot we did overlooking downtown LA gave us the chance to explore some unlikely trail riding in the Los Angeles hills. The custom K5 Blazer has a ton of power and handles really well on and off the road. Keep an eye out when you're shuffling down the 101 freeway and you might get a glimpse of this re-invented K5 Blazer as it’s sure to find a happy home with the Barkers.

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