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Something For Everybody: AutoCon LA 2018 [Gallery]

Every year when the temperatures rise across the U.S., the spring car show season rolls in. Projects that have been torn down and revamped all winter get their first proper washes in anticipation of taking their place next to brand new projects seeing the light of day for the first time. Watching this year's AutoCon LA showcars prepare to roll in, one would be hard-pressed to find a wider range of feature-worthy builds from every automotive niche.

AutoCon LA

Cars, trucks, foreign, domestic, bagged, boosted and everything in-between had a strong showing across the west hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Throughout the day, builds from multiple genres were pulled up on AutoCon Avenue—AutoCon's main stage and center of festivities—for an interview and breakdown of the build sitting beside them. Among the interviewees this year were representatives from Jada Toys (along with actual cars from the "Fast and Furious" franchise), as well as Kei Miura of Rocket Bunny/Pandem, Rob Dahm and TJ Hunt of YouTube fame, and Dominic Le of Chasing J's (pictured).

AutoCon LA Dominic Le

Speaking of Kei Miura, attendees were greeted by his freshly completed personal Pandem E30 and one of Alex Heilbrunn's Inca Madness Racing/Nitto Tire BMWs, parked side by side. Each brings their own style and presence to the show floor.

AutoCon LA Alex Heilbrunn

Of course, these photos have all been of cars so far, so that needs to be remedied. After all, one can't claim AutoCon is super diverse and then only feature showcars, right?

AutoCon LA Truck

This Kibbetech-built GMC Sierra was kitted out with seven 37-inch Nitto Tire Ridge Grapplers, with three spares riding along with the fuel cans and other off-road support gear in the back. Down the aisle, a couple of Tacomas stood guard at the R1 Concepts booth.

AutoCon LA Kibbetech

For even more from AutoCon, check out the gallery above and mark your calendars for AutoCon New York—July 8—as well as smaller day shows on each stop of this year's Formula Drift tour!

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