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Cool Stuff Everywhere: Carspotting During Monterey Car Week 2017 [Gallery]

While we are of the opinion that Monterey Car Week is one of those events that every auto enthusiast needs to experience at least once in their lifetimes, there's no getting around the monetary cost of attending it.

monterey car week 2017 261

For starters, accommodations can be quite pricey, with hotels filling up months in advance and the available rooms priced are always priced premium. I have, however, heard stories of people renting houses and splitting the costs to make things more affordable, while others choose the inexpensive camping option.

monterey car week 2017 58

Then you have the events themselves. Most of the shows and auctions happening during Car Week have an admission fee, and many of those fees can be measured in the hundreds. The good news is that one need not buy a ticket to an exclusive event to have a great time at Monterey Car Week.

monterey car week 2017 60

With so many classic, exotic and high performance cars gathering on the Monterey Peninsula each August, all one needs to do is simply be there. From the parking lots to the highways to the side streets, there's never a cool car far away.

monterey car week 2017 263

This makes each walk down the street or drive to get lunch a mobile car show, as multi-million dollar exotics and incredibly rare classics fill the streets. In fact, it's one of the few occasions where sitting in traffic is actually kind of enjoyable.

monterey car week 2017 49

One our recommended spots for car spotting during Monterey Car Week is the Baja Cantina in Carmel, which hosts an informal (and free-to-attend) cruise night on Thursday evening.

monterey car week 2017 50

Not only do you get the chance to see the cars that have gathered in the Cantina's parking lot, but you can also just sit out front and watch the parade of machinery rolling up and down Carmel Valley Road.

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And while you'll see plenty of Ferraris, McLarens and other high-end exotics out on the streets of Monterey, don't be surprised to see hot rods, muscle cars and Japanese imports as well. Car Week's appeal spans many different automotive subcultures.

monterey car week 2017 57

Those working on small budgets should not be afraid to venture to Monterey Car Week, as there are plenty of ways to enjoy the festivities and the incredible cars without draining your wallet.

monterey car week 2017 59

For just a little taste of the carspotting action one can enjoy during the Car Week festivities, be sure to check out the photo gallery at the top.

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