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Day 2 Qualifying and Starting Order Results from KOH 2016 [with Gallery]

Qualifying wrapped up on Wednesday for the main 4400 race taking place Friday during race week at 2016 Nitto King of The Hammers Powered by Optima Batteries. Brothers Gomez holding the top place with a 5+ second lead from Tuesday’s qualifying round were swept behind by Wednesday’s big-hitter “Power Hour” top-standing drivers.

For the second year in a row, Jason Scherer #76 nabbed the fastest time, taking the pole on Friday’s race. Jason Blanton #966 provided some excitement with a roll near the end, knocking him back to 70th place. Past-King Scherer is joined in the front with fellow past-King Loren Healy #67. With drivers taking off two at a time each 30-seconds on race day, Scherer and Healy will be followed by Derek West #20 and Shannon Campbell #5. Last year’s King, Randy Slawson #4448, had a time of 2:22.09 earning the 23rd spot off the line.

Other highlights from Wednesday included the 2016 Polaris RZR King of The Hammers UTV race, jump here for coverage and results. View full qualifying results below and click here for all of Driving Line’s full coverage of the 2016 Nitto King of the Hammers Powered by Optima.

2016 koh final 4400 qualifying times 01

2016 koh final 4400 qualifying times 02

2016 koh final 4400 qualifying times 03

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