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Exotics With Racks: When Skiing Is LYFE

It's not every day you see a Ferrari with a ski box.

@drivingline Instagram post Ferrari with Ski Box

The photo we posted on Instagram a few weeks ago had been circulating around Reddit, and it's definitely a brow-raiser. While some people won't even take their exotic out of the garage when it's raining, there are others who are brave (or crazy) enough to take theirs out in the snow. And then, there's the small group of people who want to ski in the mountains, so, damnit! they're going to get there in style!

Ferrari ski box by LYFE

The trend of putting ski boxes on top of really nice cars was made famous by pro Red Bull freeskier Jon Olsson, who always seems to live life on the edge.

Jon Olsson - Lamborghini with Ski Box - Oskar Bakke photo (Photo: Oskar Bakke | Jon

Want to store your sporting gear on top of your exotic? Try LYFE Motorsport.

"Our shop specializes in doing complicated custom projects on high end cars," says LYFE founder Cole Powelson. "Most of our work is done on race cars, but we deal in the customs and exotics market quite a bit." Perfect.

LYFE fabricator Doug Nephew is responsible for the Ferrari/ski box build, and that's not the only exotic he's prepared for the mountains.

Ferrari with Ski Box by LYFE Motorsport

He's completed two other ski box jobs:

An Audi R8...

Audi R8 with Ski Box by LYFE Motorsport

...and a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Lamborghini with Ski Box by LYFE Motorsport

The R8, looking all slick in its Envision Wrap, seems right at home in the snow in this video, merrily drifting along with a Christmas tree on top. No big deal.

When LYFE agreed to put a ski box on the Lambo of famous YouTuber James "The Stradman," I wonder if they knew how much of a role the car would really play in the transportation of these skis.

(Photos courtesy of LYFE Motorsport)

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