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From Hot Wheels to Superchargers: The Ford Mustang Owner Holiday Gift Guide

Do you know someone who either owns a Ford Mustang or just loves the Ford Mustang? Are you looking for a solid gift idea for the holidays? You are in luck because as part of holiday gift guide series we’ve selected 12 different gift ideas for the Mustang lover in your life.

There’s stuff here for every price range, and for the parts we’ve highlighted stuff for the current S550 Mustang platform, but just about all of these suggestions can be applied to older Mustang models as well.

Here we go...

Hot Wheels & Matchbox Diecast Cars - $1

Hot Wheels Mustang Diecast Cars

Never underestimate how happy diecast cars can make people. Whether you just looking to spend a few bucks for stocking stuffers or want to go deeper and find some rare or vintage releases, Diecast Mustangs are always a good choice—and there’s plenty to choose from. Extra points for getting your Diecast choices as close to their real car as possible.

The Complete Book of Ford Mustang - $34

The Complete Book of Ford Mustang

With so much of our reading and research done online these days, it can be a breath of fresh air to enjoy an attractive, high quality book. Mike Mueller’s The Complete Book of Ford Mustang is very much that, covering the complete history of the car from 1964-1/2 right through to the modern era.

Find it Here

Hurst Shift Knob - $6

Hurst Shift Knob White Ford Mustang

Moving into the actual car parts right now, a shift knob is always a great budget choice for a gift idea. They are inexpensive, having a big impact on looks and are put into use with each and every gear change. There are countless choices available but we are especially fond of the classic Hurst cue ball style.

Find it Here

Ford Performance Hood Strut Conversion Kit (S550) $83

Ford Performance Hood Struts S550 Mustang

One of the most popular upgrades for the S550 Mustang isn’t an actual performance part, but it does greatly improve access to the engine bay. We are talking about the Ford Performance hood strut conversion which does away with the cheap stock hood prop. At well less than $100, it should also fit within a lot of gift budgets.

Find it Here

Steeda Tri-Ax Short Shifter - $100

S550 Mustang Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter

One step above replacing just the shift knob is a full aftermarket shifter, and this is has been one of the quintessential Mustang upgrades going back to the Fox Body days. It’s hard to go wrong with the popular Tri-Ax shifter from Steeda - and once again they’ll think of your thoughtfulness and generosity with every gear shift.

Find it Here

Steeda Billet Aluminum Vertical Links (S550) - $217

Steeda Vertical Links S550 Mustang

While the move to independent rear suspension on the S550 platform has brought massive improvements in both handling and ride quality, wheel hop is something modern Mustang owners are always trying to eliminate—and one of the best ways to do that is with a set of Steeda billet aluminum vertical links. Let your friend or loved one known their traction is important to you.

Find it Here

Optima Performance Battery $200-$300

Optima Batteries
A better battery is an important upgrade for any enthusiast vehicle and the Mustang is no exception. When it comes to car batteries there a no names more respected than Optima, and the company offers a number of different options that will work on both new and old Mustangs alike. You'll also get the benefit of having one of the heaviest boxes under the Christmas tree.

Find it Here

Eibach Lowering Springs - $295

Eibach Pro Kit Springs 2015 Ford Mustang

No matter the type of car, a set of quality lowering springs is one of the quintessential entry level modifications. There are are tons of great products out there, but it's hard to go wrong with something like Eibach's Pro-Kit springs, which deliver a slightly more aggressive stance and improved handling all while keeping things street-friendly. Better yet, you can also make "help with the installation" part of your gift as well.

Find them Here

K&N Blackawk Intake Kit - $360

K&N Blackhawk Intake Kit S550 Mustang

With improvements in both sound and horsepower, it's easy to see why an aftermarket intake setup like K&N's Blackhawk system is such a popular upgrade for cars like the Mustang. It's also a simple install, so the job can easily be done on one of those lazy holiday afternoons in the garage.

Find it Here

SCT X4 Tuner - $475

SCT Tuner Steeda Mustang S550

One of the greatest things about modern performance cars is how easy it can be to unlock additional horsepower and torque through tuning, and one of the easiest ways to do that is with a handheld tuner like the SCT X4. At less than $500, an SCT X4 offers one of the best bangs for the buck in the Mustang world, and it's something that will be utilized time and time again as owners continuously upgrade their cars.

Find it Here

Hooker BlackHeart Exhaust System - $600

S550 Mustang Hooker Exhaust System

As with lowering springs or a handheld tuner, an upgraded exhaust system is another quintessential Mustang modification, and there are countless options available depending on budget. A basic axle-back system like Hooker's BlackHeart setup is a popular option that is both affordable and easy to install, and with a quality setup like this one can expect a nice little bump in horsepower along with all-important sound improvements.

Find it Here

Nitto NT555 G2 Tire Set - $800+

mustang gift guide 16

Nitto tires have been a favorite of Mustang owners since the early days of the Fox Body 5.0, and the latest NT555 G2 summer ultra high performance tires continue to be a popular choice as either factory replacements of paired up with a set of upgraded wheels. With diameters ranging from 17" all the way to 22", they'll fit nearly any type of Mustang.

Find them Here

Ford Performance Supercharger Kit - $7,600

Ford Performance S550 Supercharger Kit

If you have a sizable gift budget and would like to give the gift of horsepower to your favorite Mustang GT owner, one of the best ways to do it is with a Ford Performance bolt-on supercharger kit. Designed to produce 700 horsepower and 610 pound feet of torque in a reliable, smog-legal package, the Ford Performance setup is hard to beat. It even has a 36,000 mile warranty when installed by a certified technician.

So there you have it. Whether you are gift-hunting for a friend or relative or maybe even looking to treat yourself, when it comes to ubiquitous and endlessly upgrade-able Ford Mustang, it's hard to go wrong with any of these options.

Or hey, maybe you want to go all out and give that special Mustang fan in your life a reservation for a 2021 Mustang Mach-E electric crossover?

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