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Gallery - Texas Heatwave 2013

texas_heatwave_gallery_feature Whether you're Texan or not, we all know things are done a little bit differently in the great state of Texas - and it ends up car shows are no exception. Texas Heatwave, an annual show since 1989, took place last weekend in Austin, Texas. While I spend most of my time in California, I was happy to venture out and explore something different. I thought I was going to a truck show, while there were many of those...there was so much more. Texas Heatwave was unlike any car show I've ever attended. Texas_Heatwave_2013_Gallery_02 Never have I seen a more diverse gathering of vehicles, not even at SEMA! While there were a lot of trucks, there was also lowriders, classic cars, imports...exotics are the only thing I can think of that was missing! Back to the trucks  - some were lowered, some were dubbed out, some were vintage, and plenty others were big ol' Texas trucks. IMG_9142 There were plenty of gators on display - some actually integrated with the vehicle... Texas_Heatwave_2013_Gallery_28 Same thing goes for BBQs - Texas_Heatwave_2013_Gallery_04 Where else can you find... a chopped Cadillac next to a custom pick-up? Texas_Heatwave_2013_Gallery_29 ...a BMW sitting on 3-wheels? Texas_Heatwave_2013_Gallery_10 ...trucks participating in a burnout competition? Texas_Heatwave_2013_Gallery_59 ...and a muddy pick-up with shined wheels? Texas_Heatwave_2013_Gallery_45 ...and a hydraulic competition all in the same place?!? Texas_Heatwave_2013_Gallery_58 Here are a few more of my favorites - followed by a gallery with more from Texas Heatwave 2013. If you get a chance, pay the great state a visit...just don't say you're from California! -Kristin Cline Texas_Heatwave_2013_Gallery_33 Texas_Heatwave_2013_Gallery_14 Texas_Heatwave_2013_Gallery_34 Texas_Heatwave_2013_Gallery_19 Texas_Heatwave_2013_Gallery_32 Texas_Heatwave_2013_Gallery_44 id  10837  
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