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Gearhead's Gift Guide: Boost Brigade by GReddy

If I had to associate Boost Brigade with a Christmas song it would probably have to be "Silent Night," which pairs perfectly with their motto: "Make boost, not noise."

Boost Brigade

GReddy Racing has been playing around with the idea of releasing a clothing line for their automotive fanbase for years but didn't make the official jump until late last year. Since then, they have released a fresh new set of designs each season, making this winter the best time to find the perfect turbocharged apparel for that gearhead you need to cross off your list.

Boost Brigade

You might not be able to get a Nissan GTR...

Boost Brigade - Nissan GTR - Coco Zurita

Or a Ken Gushi cutout for under the Christmas tree.

Boost Brigade - Ken Gushi

But a brand new hoodie, T-shirt, beanie and sticker pack is completely doable.

Boost Brigade

In case you didn't stop by their booth at one of this year's Formula Drift events, visit Greddy's website now and get your holiday shopping done faster than you can say "SEND IT!"

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