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Godzilla Revival: NISMO Launches Heritage Program for R32 GT-R

Earlier this year Mazda took a big step when it announced it was beginning a factory restoration program for the first generation Eunos Roadster in Japan—and the next to jump on board to the movement is Nissan. Beginning December 1st, the NISMO Heritage Program will launch in Japan as a way for owners of classic models to refresh their cars using new factory parts.

r32 gt r rear emblemjpg source

The first car that the program will tackle is the R32 Skyline GT-R built between 1989 and 1995. Known as one of Japan's most iconic performance cars, and one that's nearing 30 years old, the R32 GT-R is a fitting car to start with.

r32 gt r power steering piping source

Initially there will be about 80 different parts released under the program, many of which are crucial to the strict inspections that all cars in Japan are subject to. Among the first parts to be released are power steering hoses, pulleys, emblems and more.

r32 gt r front bumper source

As the program continues, NISMO says it will consider adding additional parts for the R32, as well as components for the R33 and R34 models. As cars like the R32 GT-R continue to age and rise in value, there should only be more demand for these types of programs—we look forward to seeing which brand jumps into the restoration game next. Toyota AE86 perhaps? The first generation NSX maybe? We'll be waiting!

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