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Highway haulers: All the Classic Trucks You Want to See from SEMA

IMG_8332 Theres always has been this saying that if you own a truck you will always have a friend. Its pretty true especially if they need to move an apartment or a couch. Well we aren't quite certain the trucks below would be good for that sort of thing, but one thing's for sure they all haul butt and look good doing it! The square body trucks in recent years have gone through the roof because of men Like Delmo and what he does to them. The styling of them are just so right and most of the peeps that own 'em all kinda grew up in or near one… It's a comfort deal. For the most part the trend is OG paint, slammed, with everything that is mechanical new. Hella cool little rollers. It's seriously a world in which Accuair has a firm grasp on their customers and treats them really right with a fantastic product. Here is a gallery of just about all the classic trucks you'd want to see here at SEMA. IMG_8241 IMG_8244 IMG_8246 IMG_8251 IMG_8252 IMG_8254 IMG_8258 IMG_8260 IMG_8262 IMG_8265 IMG_8278 IMG_8279 IMG_8281 IMG_8283 IMG_8287 IMG_8293 IMG_8323 IMG_8324 IMG_8327 IMG_8328   IMG_8343 IMG_8337 IMG_8341 IMG_8346 IMG_8349 IMG_8362 IMG_8364 IMG_8368 IMG_8409 IMG_8412 IMG_8418 IMG_8422 IMG_8425 IMG_8427 IMG_8429 IMG_8431 IMG_8433 IMG_8461 IMG_8466 IMG_8469 IMG_8472 IMG_8474 IMG_8477 IMG_8499 IMG_8502 IMG_8504 IMG_8507 IMG_8511 IMG_8513 IMG_8516 IMG_8519 IMG_8540 IMG_8541 IMG_8556 IMG_8647 IMG_8754 IMG_8758 IMG_8762 IMG_8765
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