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Hit the Trail Without Leaving Home with the New Axial SCX10 III Remote Control Jeep JL

Quarantine got you dreaming of going off road? Who knows how long it will be before we can hit the road again but if you’re looking to get your overland fix, Axial has you covered with their scale, remote control (RC) vehicles.

Axial SCX10 III JL Wrangler Silver front 3/4 rc car

Axial Racing has just released the super-realistic (for the cost) SCX10 III, the latest evolution of their 1/10th scale off-road R/C chassis. The chassis is all-new, aside from the driveshafts which are carried over from the SCX10 II that it replaces, which has been around since 2016.

As Real As It Gets

The III brings more realism to the SCX10 line with details like a realistic transmission and 2 speed transfer case with Dig feature. One of my favorite details are the scale Nitto Trail Grappers (measuring at 4.74” x 1.7”) mounted on 3 piece beadlocked KMC wheels.

Axial SCX10 III KMC Nitto Trail Grappler

Unlike a fresh off the dealer lot Rubicon, the SCX10 III JLU body comes with a replica V8 under the hood, which covers the front mounted electric motor.

Axial SCX10 III JL Wrangler V8

Aside from functional details, the supplied JLU body features injection molded visual details such as a full interior roll cage, Rubicon hood vents, mirrors, windshield wipers and even door handles and hood latches. The CRC bumpers and sliders give the body a legitimate off-road touch.

Axial SCX10 III JL Wrangler clear body roll cage

In most R/C cars, the realism is ruined by those obtrusive body clips. Axial has hidden the body clips to give the SCX10 III a more realistic look. If you want to run a standard body, Axial does include the standard body post.           

Real Off-Road Capability 

What makes the SCX10 III particularly special are the portal axles found behind the Trail Grapplers. Portal axles are typically found on Hummer H1, Mercedes AMG G63 4x4 and other extreme and extremely expensive off-road vehicles.

Axial SCX10 III JL Wrangler silver side profile on trail

Portal axles don’t go across the hubs between the wheels but instead raise the axles to above the hub height to maximize ground clearance.

Axial SCX10 III JL Wrangler Portal Axles

When equipped with a 3-channel radio, you can unlock the transfer case’s realistic functionality. The radio’s 3 channels can be used to use the 2 speed transfer case to select between low and high speeds. The third channel can activate the DIG feature locks up the rear axle for a tighter turning radius. 

Just like a real JL Wrangler, Axial’s 1/10th scale version is just as customizable. You can mount rock lights, a winch, remove fenders and a whole slew of aftermarket parts. When equipped with portal axles and Trail Grapplers, almost nothing will stand in your way. The SCX10 III comes as a kit with each part already pre-cut. All you need to do is put it together, paint the body, add electronics and you’re ready to hit the trail.

Axial SCX10 III JL Wrangler rear 3/4

The best part is once we can get back to off-roading, you can take this with you and continue the fun when you reach camp.

Want to keep the adventure going without leaving your house? Check out this overland ASMR!

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