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Hot 100: Eibach Honda Meet West 2018 [Gallery]

We really like where the Honda scene appears to be headed. North America’s fastest time-attack machine is a Honda Civic, the Nurburgring FWD track record is owned by the new Civic Type R and Honda drag racers are pushing Sport FWD machines farther and farther toward Pro E.T.s and trap speeds. Even enthusiast drivers are more and more beginning to realize how much fun (and reliable) beating a Honda around a racetrack on the weekends can be.

2018 Eibach Honda Meet West GReddy Civic Type Rs

According to the turnout at this year’s 14th annual Eibach Honda Meet, the show side of Honda enthusiasm is doing pretty darn good, as well—in both the sheer volume of cars and attendees, and in their overall trend toward cleaner, faster and higher quality.

2018 Eibach Honda Meet West K-swapped EG Civic

Over 1,100 Hondas, 40 vendors and countless showgoers flocked to Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, Calif., for this year’s event, which for the first time added test-n-tune drag racing to the schedule. Several of SoCal’s biggest names blasted out low-9-second passes in the classic EG Civic or DC2 Integra chassis, and a large variety of enthusiast and sportsman drivers, fielding a wide variety of machines, took a trip down the 1320 throughout the day.

2018 Eibach Honda Meet West Driver B EG Civic Sport FWD drag racing car

After a long day walking the show in its entirety, shaking hands with old friends, kicking it with the drag racers in the pits and taking it all in from the stands, we’ve assembled 100 of our favorite cars, engine bays, displays, details and moments from this year’s festivities into the gallery above. Thumb through it to see what you may have missed (or just to see it all again), and follow Driving Line for plenty more to come, all season long. We’re just getting started!

2018 Eibach Honda Meet West EK Civic rears

Want to see another awesome Honda? "Goldy" is a classic 1993 Civic CX made for the track.

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