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Inside Formula Drift: Irwindale Infographic

Formula Drift: Irwindale has come and gone, wrapping up the 2013 Formula DRIFT Championship and culminating 10 years of pro drifting in the US. For most, the event begins and ends while tire smoke lingers over Irwindale, the "House of Drift". For some, months of planning go into making the two-day event happen. As part of our monthly series, Inside Formula Drift, we thought it only fitting to share some of the details that go into making a Formula Drift weekend happen...all condensed into a tasty infographic.


Congratulations to the entire staff at Formula DRIFT for wrapping up another season, and to Michael Essa for winning the 2013 Formula DRIFT Pro Championship title...and for being the first privateer to do so!

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Continue reading our Inside Formula Drift series in the next article, Laying Down Rules. Or start at the beginning with, From the Beginning: How Formula Drift Got Started.

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