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Inside Line: Cummins-Powered JK with a Twist [Video]

When he’s not building crazy contraptions or on wild adventures on Dirt Every Day, Dave Chappelle is working with the crew at Offroad Power Products. This mix of Chappelle’s skillset and the company’s drive to constantly push the limits is one of the reasons we continue to see an impressive arsenal of four-wheel drives roll out of the OPP Washington headquarters. We caught up with Chappelle and the OPP 2011 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in Moab, Utah. At a glance, the paint-matched armor and hardtop disguise the depth of the extensive modifications, but get close and you’ll see (and hear) that this isn’t your average Jeep build.

For starters, there’s a turbocharged R2.8L Cummins engine under the hood. It’s backed by an eight-speed automatic from a Ram truck, which is teamed with a gear-driven Atlas T-case from Advance Adapters. Finishing it off are a set of Dynatrac Elite Series ProRock XD60 and ProRock 80 axles. Add it all up and you have a powertrain that’s nearly indestructible and wildly fuel efficient. It’s also been stretched, shrouded in lightweight aluminum armor and placed on the most durable on- and off-road tire you can get, the Nitto Trail Grappler.

In our new video feature series Inside Line, we talk with Chappelle about the JK build and learn about how he’s put it to the test over the years.  

2011 Jeep Wrangler JK rock crawling

Looking for your next adventure? Watch why we think Moab, Utah, should be it.

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