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Lamborghini Takes Over Supercar Sunday

LamboDay04b Lamborghini Day started out like any other Supercar Sunday, but the special Marque days are different. The first Sunday of the month attracts the most auto enthusiasts because people know there will always be something very special and unique to experience. LamboDay13 For today’s special event, the spotlight corral featured all the special, new and classic Lamborghini models including Miura’s, Diablo’s, a Superlaggera, Aventador’s, Gallardo’s and Murcielago’s. No Huracán yet, but they are coming! LamboDay22 As is true on the Lamborghini assembly line in Sant’Agata, Italy... no two cars were exactly alike. LamboDay03 Much like Cars and Coffee, Supercar Sunday started as a grassroots event and in many ways it still is. Although Dustin Troyan helps control the overall flow, everyone comes on their own and they continue to spread the word because the gathering has such a positive, laid-back feel to it. LamboDay08 The weekly car show always attracts a large crowd of enthusiasts and their vehicles of choice - ranging from rare collectibles to homemade to rat-rods and customized hot rods, plus all the exotic cars and newly customized models you can imagine. As usual, there were several hundred other vehicles this Sunday and everyone was in a great mood due to the beautiful weather and great variety of wheeled beauties. LamboDay09 The limited amount of vendors was perfect and related specifically to the crowd that attend Supercar Sunday. LamboDay02 The Auto Gallery had the largest presence as they are one of the main supporters of this weekly get-together, plus their Lamborghini dealership was sponsoring an invitational ride and drive for Lambo participants. Mall eateries such as Corner Bakery Café are happy to provide light breakfasts and coffee for the crowd that starts arriving before 7 in the morning and departs by 10 am. LamboDay21 LamboDay06b Just prior to the end of Supercar Sunday, the invited Lamborghini owners met at a predetermined spot in another part of the Westfield Shopping Center's parking lot for coordination and driving instructions from Auto Gallery personnel. LamboDay10 Then, imagine, if you can, the sound of 50 Lambo’s taking off out of the parking lot and up the street, and then revving up as they were waiting for the traffic light to change… pretty awesome! The drive was planned out nicely, with the lead car going South on Topanga Canyon Boulevard but then cutting over to Old Topanga Canyon Road which then led back to the downward side of Topanga Canyon Road to PCH bordering the city of Santa Monica. LamboDay16b Heading north, the caravan cut a path through weekend beach traffic and then turned right up Las Flores Canyon for a great twisting, turning ride to the top ridge of the Santa Monica Mountains along Rambla Pacifico. LamboDay05 That turned into Piuma Road which winds around and then we all turned right on to Malibu Canyon Road where it turns into Las Virgenes Road. All the Lambo’s were able to let loose on the straightaway over to the 101 and then really got going on the freeway heading North before turning off at Kanan Road to the final destination, Ladyface Alehouse and Brasserie in Agoura Hills. It was fitting that one of the chase cars fitted with video and camera gear was a Fiat 500 supplied by The Auto Gallery of Santa Monica, California. LamboDay07 The venue was perfect with its wide-open parking lot and outside terrace where the party took place. After the Lambo’s roared in and lined up, attendees were able to enter and sit at tables on the terrace to enjoy iced tea or beer, vegetable dips and several passed hors d’oeuvres. My “lunch” was 3 sliders: 2 salmon and one lamb… nice! LamboDay14 The gracious hosts had a small band playing and then Louise and Mark from The Auto Gallery plus the new Lamborghini North Los Angeles GM; Parris Mullins took the microphones to announce multiple winners from the drive and a Twitter contest. LamboDay15b The Grand Prize was the first test drive in the new Huracán when it comes in to the dealership. The winner was Debbie Foreman, owner of the well-known black-and-gold “Batventador”. Parris sent a note to Debbie on Facebook letting her know that he will be her instructor and co-pilot for the drive. LamboDay01 I heard a lot of positive comments while walking around talking to people and listening to conversations…  The Auto Gallery and Lamborghini North Los Angeles did a great thing here that was really appreciated by the exotic car community for the fun and laid-back feeling everyone got from participating in a well-planned event on a beautiful day in sunny Southern California! Here’s to many more! To plan a visit, check out the event listing for future Supercar Sunday Marque Days!

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