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Leading Edge: 9 Industry-Changing Parts from PRI 2019

Every once in a while, a product comes to market that revolutionizes its specific sphere within the racing industry. Whether it facilitates more horsepower, supports that added horsepower or offers a solution for a unique need, the aftermarket always seems to find a way to keep the ball moving forward. Fortunately, one of the largest gatherings of problem-solvers, innovators and horsepower producers takes place each December at the PRI Show—and in 2019 hundreds of manufacturers brought their latest and greatest products with them to the 32nd annual affair in Indianapolis.

Whether it be for sanctioned drag racing, no-prep racing, truck pulling or breathing new life into that old project car, dozens upon dozens of booths had brand-new parts on display. In our time dashing between the aisles, we came across nine one-of-a-kind products that could prove to be game-changers. From professional drag racing to street cruising to lugging the sled through the dirt, the following advancements in racing technology will reset the bar in 2020.

1. BIG Boost

Garrett G57 Turbocharger

Step aside large frame GTX Gen II turbos, this bad mamma-jamma is taking your place. Garrett’s all-new G57 features a 118mm Inconel turbine wheel that flows 19-percent more exhaust than the wheel employed in GTX Gen II chargers and boasts a wide range of compressor wheel options as well (88, 94, 98, 102 and 106mm). The 106mm moves roughly 250 lbs/min. That’s more than 3,500 cfm! Additional highlights include a lightweight, aluminum one-piece center housing and back plate assembly, a dual ceramic ball bearing center cartridge and stainless steel SFI and non-SFI certified turbine housings.

2. Built for Abuse

Carmack Engineering 12 Inch Rear End

Meet the answer to high horsepower and extreme torque applications: Carmack Engineering’s 12-inch rear-end. It features a 12-inch ring gear pitch, can be had with 10 different ring and pinion ratios (2.91, 3.20, 3.70, 3.89, 4.11, 4.29, 4.57, 4.71, 5.43, 5.83) with all gear options being machined by Mark Williams Enterprises and finished at Gleason. The near-bulletproof 12-inch comes with an oil pump, billet yoke caps, BMRS oil lines and brake lines, 4-link bolts, driveshaft sensor and bracket, driveshaft collar, wheelie bar bolts, anti-roll bolts and shock covers. It retails for $27,275 but includes a warranty—proof that Carmack has engineered one of the stoutest rear-ends ever pieced together.

3. CP3 Bolt-On Lift Pump

S&S Diesel Motorsport CP3 Lift Pump

Compact packaging, weight savings and all kinds of flow sum up the new, gear-driven lift pump option from S&S Diesel Motorsport. Its pump can be directly coupled to a Bosch CP3 high-pressure pump and we anticipate it will be extremely popular for diesel drag racers and truck pullers. The pump is capable of moving 3,000-lph of fuel, which is enough volume to supply multiple stroker CP3’s and support huge horsepower. In this application, it’s bolted to the center pump in a triple 14mm CP3 arrangement aboard a DX460 Duramax from Wagler Competition Products.

4. Budget-Friendly Big Block

Brodix Chevy Big Block

Everyone knows the Brodix name, but now you can associate them with one of the most affordable Chevy big-blocks you can buy. While pricing hasn’t yet been released, Brodix’s new cast-iron block is rumored to be very wallet-friendly and specifically intended for weekend warrior-type budgets. All blocks come standard with a priority main oiling system, provisions for a two-piece rear main seal, nodular iron 4-bolt main caps and integrated lugs to facilitate the use of additional 10-degree head bolts in the deck. Its crankcase will only be cast with the standard cam location, but can be had in 4.250-inch, 4.500-inch or 4.600-inch bores (and Siamese bores at that). Two deck heights are available: 9.800-inch or 10.200-inch.

5. No More Break-In Period for Ring and Pinions

Eaton Super Finish Ring And Pinion

Eaton’s new proprietary Super Finish has the potential to save you big money in ring and pinion wear. The proprietary isotropic precision finish is available for both street and competition ring and pinion sets. The low-friction coating frees up 3 to 5-percent more horsepower, improves oil retention and—thanks to not featuring the corrosion-resistant phosphate coating other R&P’s do—completely eliminates the break-in period for a traditional ring and pinion. This means if you toast a conventional ring and pinion at the track, you won’t sacrifice longevity of the new unit by throwing a Super Finished version in and immediately heading back out there.

6. Triple Denso’s

Fleece Performance Engineering Uber Pumper

Thanks to their displacement advantage, modified Bosch CP3 high-pressure fuel pumps have been the pump of choice on high-horsepower common-rail diesels for years, with many competitors even ditching the newfangled CP4.2 in favor of the predecessor CP3. Now, having sunk its hands into the Denso HP4—the pump found on the ’17-present L5P Duramax and that outflows the old-school CP3 significantly—the folks at Fleece Performance Engineering have developed this concoction. It’s called the Uber Pumper and it places three HP4 pumps in an in-line arrangement where they share a common drive shaft. Depending on the displacement of the trio of HP4’s, the Uber Pumper might just provide enough fuel to test the limits of Fleece’s billet-aluminum Cummins block. Only time will tell.

7. High-Flow, Variable Speed Fuel Pumps

Aeromotive 10 GPM Fuel Pump

An electric fuel pump that offers superb reliability and the ability to support more than 3,000 hp? Enter Aeromotive’s new 10-gpm variable speed lift pump. Also available in 7.5-gpm form, the new pumps were designed for high-powered cars that are driven on the street (think Hot Rod Drag Week…) and are based off of their smaller cousins, the 3.5-gpm and 5-gpm units. Similar to those offerings, the 7.5 and 10-gpm pumps are rated for pump gas, E85, methanol and nitro-methane.  The ability to slow the pump’s speed for street driving is key to pump longevity and in keeping fuel temps from sky-rocketing.

8. Mustang Love from QA1

QA1 Pro Coil Ford Mustang

Thanks to companies like QA1, first-generation Mustangs have never been so fun to drive. QA1’s brand-new Pro Coil coilover shock system for ’64.5-’73 Mustangs are direct, bolt-on replacements that require zero cutting or welding. The upper brackets use a double-sheer mount with a bearing so you get exceptional articulation along with superior strength, but they’re also made from lightweight billet-aluminum to reduce weight. Its coilovers allow for simultaneous compression and rebound adjustment and can drop the ride height of your Mustang down as much as 2-inches.

9. Crate Powertrain Systems

Chevrolet Performance Crate Powertrain System

For the ultimate turnkey powertrain solution for your project car, Chevrolet Performance offers more than 60 different crate powertrain combinations under the Connect & Cruise umbrella. Complete systems include the engine, engine control system, transmission, torque converter (if required), transmission control system and transmission installation kit. The combination pictured above combines an LT5 with an 8L90-E automatic. The internally balanced 6.2L V8 makes use of 10:1 compression, forged-aluminum pistons, big valve aluminum heads and dishes out 755 hp and 715 lb-ft of torque on premium pump gas. Both the engine and transmission control modules come pre-calibrated for a true plug-and-play combination.

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