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Learn How to Drift...via YouTube?

I've used YouTube as a point of reference on how to do all sorts of things, and there are loads of instructional videos on there to be seen. So far, I've still not managed to figure out how to tie a bow tie, have managed to fix several things around the house (electrical and toilet, not as hard as it seems) - I think next on my list is to learn how to drift. Learn How to Drift - Chris Harris 01 Now, I've tried drifting once before and that was maybe, oh 10 years ago? I sucked, too. If I remember correctly, I got the hang of doing donuts but couldn't master the figure 8 in a SR20DET-swapped S13. Had the perfect teacher as well, Tarzan Yamada. But if scores of people can figure how to better their lives with a simple YouTube video, I'd be willing to find myself a bucket to practice with, watch this excellent clip taught by Chris Harris and link up (hopefully) with a local pro Formula Drift driver to make sure I'm doing things right (can never have too much good help). Learn How to Drift - Chris Harris 02 Watching Harris instruct around the 5-minute marker, I'm instantly transported back to the days of learning how to drive stick (yes, if I were to grow up in this modern day, I'd lean towards YouTube to do this as well); I picked up the best habits by watching friends of mine who told me to watch their hands and feet as they explained best how to find the perfect balance of clutch and throttle. Harris is great at describing it a few different times to help you understand what's needed to execute, maintain and transition through a proper drift. Sure, he's not generating plumes of smoke as I'm used to seeing in drifting competition but this is exactly the kind of instructional someone should use to get the basics under control. So, who's ready to learn how to drift? (Video and photo stills: /DRIVE)

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