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Loren Healy Wins 2019 Ultra4 MetalCloak Stampede [Gallery]

While Loren’s victory may have ended up dominant, it sure didn’t start that way. During qualifying, his car flipped end-over-end coming over a berm, leading to a separated oil line, back end of the chassis that was smashed down about three inches and broken radiator. He couldn’t finish qualifying, but when he got back out on the course for the heats and main race, no one could catch him.

Loren Healy Winning at the 2019 Ultra4 MetalCloak Stampede

Not only did Loren win the 4400 class, but he also won the UTV race earlier in the day. With his rig running the 40-inch Nitto Trail Grappler and his UTV running the Trail Grappler SxS, every version of the storied tire seems to have what it takes. Going back to the 4400 race, Paul Horschel also had a good day, finishing second, and JP Gomez came in third.

Loren Healy Racing His UTV at the 2019 Ultra4 MetalCloak Stampede

Coming off of his seventh-place finish at King of the Hammers, Vaughn Gittin Jr. took thirteenth at Prairie City. With solid finishes at both long and short courses, we’re excited to see how the rest of the season unfolds.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Racing at the 2019 Ultra4 MetalCloak Stampede

To see all the photos from the race, flip through the gallery above.

Wayland Campbell Racing at the 2019 Ultra4 MetalCloak Stampede

Want to know more about how this race went down? Read our full recap!

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