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McQueen Comic Has Us Dreaming of Speed

There’s a reason why the movie Le Mans went from box-office flop to cult classic. It’s footage of speed was groundbreaking when released in 1971 and remains to be breathtaking. It put stars in the eyes and planted dreams of racing in the minds of many future gearheads – and continues to do so today. So much so for Sandro Garbo that he set out to create a graphic novel about Steve McQueen in Le Mans to keep the myth alive.

Le Mans Movie Steve McQueen Graphic Novel Comic - Gulf GT40

Meant to augment the movie, Steve McQueen in Le Mans graphic novel lets you pause and absorb details that you never could in video format.

Le Mans Movie Steve McQueen Graphic Novel Comic - wreck

Three years in the making, Garbo and team at Garbo Studio worked tirelessly with ACO, studio heads and McQueen's representatives to make all of those details pop.

Le Mans Movie Steve McQueen Graphic Novel Comic

Part 1 is now available for purchase, bound and printed on luxury paper stock to make this a book you can be proud to have on your coffee table or bookshelf. Find out more at Garbo Studio’s website.

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