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My Drift Car Challenge: Auto Collect Storm vs. Matt Powers at Grangé

For those of you just tuning into the series, My Drift Car Challenge is a pretty unique concept where people are invited out to see if they can drift their own car better than resident pro Matt Powers. That’s right, the Heartbreak Kid could potentially beat the car owner in their own car. Judging is fairly standard for drifting. Angle, line and style are all tallied up to see who can get the highest score.

My Drift Car Challenge Matt Powers

In this episode, Roy Cardoso takes his Auto Collect Storm S13 hatch to Grangé Motor Circuit to see if he can best Matt Powers on a four corner drift course. Ex-Formula Drift driver Robbie Nishida will be judging the runs. Not only does Robbie know how to control a drift car, he also judges for Formula D Japan, so he knows a thing or two about drift scoring.

My Drift Car Challenge S13

Roy’s 240SX has all the right parts from Japan: Gram Light wheels, Car Modify Wonder body kit, Thrash Racing seats, an SR20 with an upgraded Tomei turbo and it’s all wrapped in a set of Nitto NT05s. Who will win this round of My Drift Car Challenge? Tune in and find out!

My Drift Car Challenge Group

Do you like this S13? We found one with an LS-swap that can actually pass California smog!

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