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Nitto Recon Grappler 1,000 Mile Review: OEM+ All Terrain Tires for the Ford F-250 Tremor

With the off-road lifestyle in full-force throughout the automotive landscape, it was only time before manufacturers began offering specialized off-road packages for their heavy duty trucks. In 2020, Ford introduced the Tremor package for their F-250 and F-350 Super Duty trucks as an option for trucks equipped with either the 7.3L gas engine or the 6.7L turbo-diesel.

F250 Platinum Tremor

Included are upgrades to the suspension, a front axle with a limited-slip differential, a locking rear differential, changes to the front to allow for a better approach angle, a rock crawl mode, and an electronic Trail Control system. All in all, it is a comprehensive package for buyers that want OEM quality off-road upgrades straight from the factory.

F250 Platinum Tremor on incline

2022 F-250 Platinum Tremor

This particular truck, an F-250 Platinum Tremor equipped with the 7.3L Godzilla V8, was purchased by my Dad primarily to haul his 8,000lb camper, and tackle any other towing needs that he would run into. The Tremor afforded him the option to explore some off-road areas once he parks the camper, and frankly, is a killer look for the big body Ford. Although he was open to some modifications, he was perfectly content with the capabilities of the truck and wanted to avoid any changes to the OEM suspension.

F250 Platinum Tremor from rear

Thanks to the factory suspension lift, Ford was able to equip the F-250 Tremor with 35” equivalent (285/75/18) all-terrain tires on 18x8 +40 wheels from the factory. When we began to look at upgrades to the OEM tire package, we realized that Ford largely set up the Tremor with the most aggressive fitment from the factory without modification.

Ford F250 Tremor Rear Tire

OEM+ Fitment on Stock Suspension

Our first thought was a move to the slightly larger 35x12.5x18 tire size, but other owners, and our tire shop, advised us that this would likely rub on stock suspension. Although there was some indication that it could work on stock wheels, we knew that we wanted something with a lower offset that would push the wheels closer to the fender line.

Ford F250 Tremor with Nitto Recon Grappler Tires

Ultimately, we played it safe with an OEM-sized set of Nitto Recon Grappler All Terrain tires on a set of Method 706 wheels in 18x9 +18 sizing. In the first 1000 miles, as expected, they fit perfectly with no issues on or off-road.

Tire Fitment on F250 Tremor

Building on a Solid Platform

Aesthetically, this is very much an OEM+ look for the F250 Tremor. The new wheels sit 35mm closer to the fender, offering a conservative flush fitment compared to the OEM package. Nitto’s Recon Grappler offers two sidewall designs, and we opted for the blockier pattern over the more jagged design on the reverse. To our eyes, it is a big improvement over the more traditional design of the stock tires, and works well with the modern visual aspects of the Platinum model.

Method 706 on F250 Tremor

On-Road Manners

For on-road comfort, the Recon Grapplers have performed well. As a reality check, a Super Duty is built on the bones of a work truck, regardless of how much leather or LEDs that Ford throws at it. The tires feature improved tread block rigidity that provide a more confident ride on-road, lessening some of the play that the truck had at highway speeds.

Nitto Recon Grappler on F250 Tremor

Noise wise, the arrangement of wide and narrow grooves in the tread pattern reduce road noise, providing a little more isolation from the outside when the purpose of driving is to simply soak up miles. Simply put, while there is no way to hide the built-in rugged nature of the Super Duty Tremor package, the Recon Grappler provides an OEM level of refinement to a truck that serves multiple purposes.

Nitto Recon Grappler on F250 Tremor

A Big Truck on Tiny Trails

We had a chance to take the F-250 Tremor off-road in Western North Carolina to see how the Recon Grapplers would handle a bit of trail-riding. Because of the F-250’s large size, we were limited to the areas we could get to, but ultimately found some nice spots with rocks, steep leave-covered hills, and ruts; certainly nothing to push the truck to its limits, but far past a leisurely drive on gravel roads.

F250 Tremor Off-road from rear

The Recon Grapplers performed flawlessly. Although Method’s Bead Grip technology allows the tires to be taken to a lower psi, we stuck with the OEM recommendations. The tires held their grip whether they were climbing up rocks or crawling down a slick, leaf-covered hill. The staggered shoulder lugs enhanced off-road traction, while center and shoulder grooves set in a zig-zag pattern create a nice biting edge in all types of terrain we encountered.

F250 Tremor Rock Crawling

Built to Explore

After experiencing the off-road performance first hand, we're excited to explore the trails all across the country in the F-250 Tremor. My parents take their camper out at least a couple times a month, and next year, Dad will drive the Tremor out to Montana for a family vacation at Yellowstone. They’ll be all kinds of opportunities to find more challenging spots to test out the capabilities of both the tire and truck.

F250 Tremor with Nitto Recon Grappler all-terrain Tires

Also noteworthy, the Recon Grapplers come with an impressive 55,000 mile limited treadwear warranty on LT Metric sizes, so there’s zero hesitation on taking the truck on extended trips. Being able to trust that a company stands behind their product takes a bit of stress away from travel, and removes the hesitation of everyday use that can often come with specialized off-road equipment.

Ford F250 Platinum Tremor on Nitto Recon Grappler Tires

On the scale of modified Tremors, this F-250 is obviously on the mild end. From our understanding, a leveling kit will not only open up larger, and more aggressive 35” wheel setups, but 37-inch tires can be mounted as well. But for those that are content with the factory performance, the 285/75/18 Recon Grapplers provide equal-to or better than the stock tires in comfort, off-road performance that matches the capabilities of the truck, and a longer treadwear warranty than the factory tires. Now that we’ve put a few miles on them, we’re excited to see where the next 50,000 miles take us.

Ford F250 Tremor on Nitto Recon Grappler Tires

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