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Nostalgic2Days: Celebrating 10 Years of Japanese Classic Cars [Gallery]

Celebrating 10 years is a big deal. Throughout those 10 years, Nostalgic2Days has continued to be one of the most popular car shows in Japan. The host, Nostalgic Magazine, calls Pacifico Yokohama convention center home for this unique car show.

Like previous years, if your pockets are deep enough, most cars are available to purchase, with many having a list price of "Ask." You know the old adage: If you have to ask, you probably can't afford it. However, unlike last year's event, it took up all the available halls, meaning there was that much more goodness on hand. On display were some of Japan's best restorations ranging from classic European models to some very rare Japanese models.

Nostalgic2Days 2018

There were plenty of Skyline Hakosukas this year with the number of Prince Skylines down noticeably. Mixed in were, of course, plenty of Fairlady Zs, Hondas and several surprises. Take a look at some of our favorite picks from this year's Nostalgic2Days, along with a full gallery down below.

Pandem Hakosuka

Nostalgic2Days 2018

TRA Kyoto had social media abuzz with shots of their new Hakosuka Skyline fender and lip package. The design is subtle when compared to what TRA Kyoto has developed for other cars, which suits the style of the car just fine. The Hakosuka was built by Number7 and sat perfectly in the Watanabe wheels booth.

Speed Forme Fairlady Z Long Nose

Nostalgic2Days 2018

While Speed Forme's most famous car might be their orange Fairlady Z, they outdid themselves with this 240ZG "long nose." It was just in time too as they finished their build only a few days before the show. Mr. Kawauchi, Speed Forme owner, explained that the front features a five-piece bumper versus the standard two-piece.

Spirit Garage Kenmeri

Nostalgic2Days 2018

The Kenmeri was designed when Japan was attempting to build their own "muscle cars" and borrowed a lot of design cues from American muscle cars. Arguably one of the most famous, the Kenmeri has a blend of Mustang design features combined with the Hakosuka's signature style. By the look of it, it definitely is a bit more rock and roll. The Spirit Garage Kenmeri was in beautiful condition, and the only complaint we have is that we didn't get a chance to hear its horn set up.

Rocky Auto Fairlady Z

Nostalgic2Days 2018

Rocky Auto has a well-deserved reputation for building some of the best classics in Japan. From their Toyota GT3000 kit car to their Fairlady Zs, everything turns out immaculate. The best thing is that nothing is off-limits for them. Take a look at their black Fairlady Z. On the exterior, it looks like a standard Rocky Auto affair, but pop the hood and you are met with a large turbo mounted to an RB26.

Dome Zero

Nostalgic2Days 2018

Depending on the path you took around the event, you may have started or ended your day with a big surprise. Coming across not one, but two legendary Dome Zeros made for the perfect end to our day. It was originally meant to be a street car, but after it failed to meet the standards of the day, they instead used it to race at Le Mans. Although the car didn't succeed, it didn't stop Dome from going on to design cars for F1 and Le Mans. We fondly remember the Dome from out time watching Transformers and playing Gran Turismo so it was great to see them in person. Those were just a handful of our favorites, so make sure to check out the gallery below!

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