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OBS Two-Door Blazer, Tahoe & Yukon: The Next Big Thing for Off-Road Projects?

With the rising popularity of trucks and SUVs from the 1990s, the days of being able to drop a few grand for a clean project truck from this era are pretty much gone.

That doesn't mean, however, that there isn't value and enjoyment to be had with a 1990s rig, even if you've got your eye on of the more popular platforms.

OBS Two-Door Blazer Red

GMT400 Forever

One of those platforms is the GMT400 two-door version of the Chevrolet Tahoe/Blazer and GMC Yukon, which was sold between 1991 and 1999.

Chevy Tahoe Two-Door on Dirt trail

Initially called the Blazer when it launched for the '92 model year, the two-door GMT400 SUV was a follow-up to the square-body K5 Blazer that came before it.

It debuted at the same time as its GMC-badged twin the Yukon, which replaced the old GMC Jimmy in that brand's lineup. And then beginning with the '95 model year, the four-door versions joined the lineup, with the Chevy dropping the Blazer name and becoming the Tahoe.

GMC Yukon Two-Door Green

Both the Yukon and Tahoe would go on to become some of GM's most popular and profitable models, and they still are to this day. But with the new GMT800 version that debuted in 2000, the two-door short wheelbase versions were dropped from the lineup.

OBS Two-Door Tahoe Cut Away

Gone But Not Forgotten

That means that almost immediately, enthusiasts developed a soft spot for the two-door GMT400s, and it's remained the last of the two-door half-ton GM SUVs.

Chevy Tahoe Two-Door OBS Black

Yet for all its popularity, the two-door Blazer, Tahoe and Yukon still remain relatively affordable today, even as they've aged out of being regular "used trucks" and into collector vehicle status.

With all of the so-called "OBS" GMT400 trucks becoming the hot thing over the last couple years, these two-doors occupy a great off-road project sweet spot in between the classics of the '60s-'80s and modern trucks.

Chevy Blazer OBS Interior

Which one you choose depends on your budget and goals. Here on the West Coast, you can find a running version that needs some cosmetic work for well under $10,000.

Something like this would be great for someone to do a lot of aftermarket work to, perhaps doing an LS swap along the way. 

GMC Yukon Two Door Blue

And if you go the project route, you'll find that not only is there abundance of aftermarket and restoration parts, there's still tons of used parts to be found in wrecking yards. And of course wheel and tire options are endless.

KMC Wheels and Nitto Ridge Grappler

Or if you want more of a cruiser that you plan to keep stock, you can still find very nice versions for around $15,000. Or if you really want to splurge, absolute cream puff examples can be had in the low $20,000s.

Chevy Tahoe Two Door Black

An Affordable Classic?

We can see the appeal of both, a project version modernized with the right upgrades to hit the trails — or a factory fresh time capsule. In either case, you're getting timeless style and a stout small block Chevy V8 engine and all of the aftermarket support and affordability that comes with it.

Chevy Blazer OBS Towing Boat

If you remember the times when you could score one of these trucks dirt cheap, you might scoff at the prices they are going for now. But to us it's still one of the ideal "neo-classics" out there, and we can't see them depreciating in value.

Long live the last of the two-doors.

  • While these OBS trucks make great off-roaders, they also make fantastic street builds as well. Check out this one.
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