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Perfect Pairings at Wekfest Long Beach 2017

Ever since Batman and Robin teamed up to fight crime in DC comics over 70 years ago, the term Dynamic Duo has been used to describe pairs of superheroes fighting crime side by side. During Wekfest Long Beach, the same nomenclature could be applied to some of the most popular cars at the show. Be it matching liveries, rare parts or different takes on the same model, the dynamic duos of Wekfest showed out this year.

Widebody Brethren

This pair of FR-S aired out in the park grass and drew the attention of every attendee at least once during the day. The StanceNation Aimgain kit (right) and Vlene kit (left) combined forces to widen the hips of the FR-S a total of 260 mm — over 10 inches! That width combined with the signature Release Series Yuzu Yellow paint made for a photo opportunity nobody could miss.

wekfest 2017 89

Smoke 'em If You Got 'em

Venturing further into the grassy half of the show, a few Marlboro men staked their claim as contenders for crowd favorites with their renditions of the famous Marlboro livery.

wekfest 2017 151

The livery, having graced the sheet metal of McLaren and Scuderia Ferrari’s F1 machines — among many others — in the past, found its way onto three vehicles at Wekfest. The original Red wrapped a Rocket Bunny 350Z and widebody Genesis Coupe, while the Green variety graced the bodywork of a Varis kitted E46 M3 at the AG Wheels booth.

wekfest 2017 47

Technically this is a trio, but rules were meant to be broken.


At first glance, one would be forgiven for thinking the two red Honda S2000 parked on the grass under the tall palms of the park were just that, standard stanced S2000s with overfenders.

wekfest 2017 157

However, upon closer inspection, the only real similarities are the paint code and chassis. The white BBS RS-equipped S2K sports an ITB velocity stack setup in a nearly empty engine bay, proving performance need not be messy.

wekfest 2017 161

A peek at the front of S2000 sporting Work VS-XXs will evoke strong emotions (whether they’re positive or not is up to the reader) as an LS swap between the wheel wells takes the place of the usual Honda powerplant.

wekfest 2017 159

Oh, and both machines are RHD — bonus points!

In addition to these killer pairings, there were obviously many, many more builds worth checking out. Fortunately the gallery below features tons of the best builds to be found at Wekfest, so make sure to give it a scroll, and we'll see you at the next stop on the Wekfest tour!

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