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Possessed: AMBR Cars From the Vault 9 of 9

9. 2010 AMBR Winner – Possessed, 1933 Ford

2010-AMBR-winner-Possesed-Ford-roadster-21 Doing a modern interpretation of a 1930s coach-built roadster, many luxurious features were integrated into this Ford. Much custom handiwork was put into its elongated nose and custom-built accompanying luggage. If you started at the beginning of the 9 AMBR Winning Cars, you may notice that all of these are Ford roadsters…while not a requirement of the AMBR winner, it just so happens that it usually falls that way. Every year there’s usually a wildcard or two in there…but another make of car has yet to be judged favorably. We’ve covered one AMBR contender this year, a 1932 Ford Blue Steel, but will have to wait until the end of the month to see who wins! Visit the Petersen Automotive Museum and take the Vault Tour to see these beauties for yourself! Which one do you like best, leave a comment and let us know why!

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