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Product Spotlight: Mishimoto Universal High-Flow Catch Can

At high horsepower, increased blow-by is inevitable. This is especially true for competition diesel engines, where extreme boost, big torque and huge cylinder pressure leads to significant blow-by. In these extreme applications, the factory CCV system doesn’t allow the crankcase to breathe properly. This is precisely why Mishimoto designed its universal high-flow baffled catch can. Utilizing free-flowing inlet and outlets, the assembly provides a low-restriction path of travel for crankcase gases. Along the way, an integrated filter within the CNC-machined baffle removes fuel, oil and water vapors from the CCV system.

Rated for applications of up to 1,600 hp, our intended target with Mishimoto’s universal high-flow baffled catch can was to install it on a fire-breathing 6.4L Power Stroke. In addition to an aftermarket compound turbocharger arrangement, dual K16 injection pumps and 150-percent over injectors, the built diesel engine was also being subjected to a sizeable hit of nitrous. Seeing more than 70 psi of boost and 100 psi of drive pressure on spray, the 1,250-rwhp, low-10-second 6.4L race truck seemed the perfect test candidate for Mishimoto’s high-flow catch can.

For an up-close look at Mishimoto’s race-ready, fully-serviceable catch can, we’re examining it piece by piece below.

The Full Package

001 Mishimoto Catch Can Packaging

Like all Mishimoto products, packaging is top-shelf with the company’s universal high-flow baffled catch can, which in this case includes precise-fit foam padding (even for the fittings) to ensure the product makes a safe journey to its final destination. And just like the rest of the products listed in the Mishimoto catalog, the universal high-flow catch can comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It retails for $210.95.

Parts & Pieces

002 Mishimoto High Flow Baffled Catch Can

In addition to the catch can assembly, everything required to install it is supplied by Mishimoto, less the CCV hose you’ll need to run. This includes the lid and base, the high capacity bottom (or can), a mounting bracket, inlet and outlet fittings and all necessary mounting hardware.

Fully Cleanable Filter

003 Mishimoto Catch Can Baffled Lid

Within the baffled catch can base, you’ll find a fully serviceable filter element. The Polyurethane material filter features a free-flowing yet efficient PPI (pores per inch) rating and can be accessed by removing the stainless steel Allen bolts that secure it to the cover.

The Can

004 Mishimoto Catch Can

The can itself possesses a fluid capacity of 5.3 ounces, along with a black anodized finish for utmost durability to guard against the elements. Mishimoto recommends checking the contents of the catch can every 1,000 miles until a baseline is established. For removal, the catch can simply unthreads from the base. It employs a large O-ring for a perfect seal.

Drain Port

005 Mishimoto Baffled Catch Can Drain

If you prefer to empty your catch can without breaking the seal, so to speak, Mishimoto includes a 3/8-inch NPT drain plug port in the bottom of the assembly. Mishimoto even offers optional drain kits, which include a black Nylon barbed mini ball valve, a 3/8-inch NPT x 3/8-inch barbed fitted and 3/8-inch inside diameter drain hose.

Universal Mounting Bracket

006 Mishimoto Universal Catch Can Mounting Bracket

A universal mounting bracket allows the end-user to secure the catch can however (and wherever) he or she wants it. This means you can mount the high-flow catch can assembly in the most convenient or concealed location on your vehicle, and in the orientation you prefer.

Simple Installation

007 Mishimoto Universal Catch Can Top Bracket

The universal mounting bracket attaches to the catch can lid via three bolts, which require a 4mm Allen to install. Two stainless steel bracket mounting bolts and nuts with external tooth lock washers secure the high-flow catch can assembly to the vehicle. Once you find a suitable spot to position the catch can, it can be installed in minutes.

Restriction-Free Inlet and Outlet Ports

008 Mishimoto High Flow Catch Can Ports

In high-horsepower applications, the last thing you want to do is choke down the crankcase’s ability to breathe. This is where the high-flow literature stems from on Mishimoto’s competition-ready catch can: both the inlet and outlet ports accommodate 1-inch CCV hose.

High-Flow Fittings

009 Mishimoto High Flow Catch Can Fittings

Mishimoto supplies Male NPT x barbed (M27 x 2.0) fittings for the inlet and outlet ports. The fittings are CNC-machined from 6061 aluminum and are treated to a black anodized finish in order to hold up in harsh environments. The threaded side of each fitting comes with an O-ring seal to ensure it never leaks.

Flow Through the Catch Can Assembly

010 Mishimoto High Flow Catch Can Flow

With the can removed from the base, you can catch a glimpse of how the catch can works. Blow-by gases enter the catch can unobstructed, but have to pass through the aforementioned low-micron, highly-efficient Polyurethane filter in order to exit. During this process, oil, fuel and soot collects in the can while only filtered blow-by gases are allowed to escape.

High-Horsepower Test Mule

011 Ford Super Duty Chassis Dyno Horsepower

Rated for up to 1,600 hp, Mishimoto’s universal high-flow baffled catch can is right at home aboard this 6.4L-powered F-250. Strapped to the chassis dyno, the truck’s compound turbo system produced more than 60 psi of boost and made 1,100rwhp on fuel alone. Then after introducing a single stage of nitrous, boost jumped to more than 70 psi and horsepower peaked at 1,250. The owner expects to see low to mid-10’s out of the lightweight Super Duty—as well as the forced-installation of a cage in the near future.

Mishimoto has a long history of improving the factory shortcomings on Ford ’08 to ’10 Super Dutys. Get all the details on its drop-in aluminum radiator for the 6.4L Power Stroke right here.

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