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Race to the Finish: 2015 KOH UTV Recap [GALLERY]

2015-King-of-The-Hammers-UTV-DDienelt-_DSC6551 For a few years now, the Polaris Rzr KOH UTV Race Presented by HCR has walked the fine line of the ultimate challenge and ultimate demise for utility-terrain vehicles. Even more so than Every Man Challenge or the main King of The Hammers race, a select few finish the UTV KOH race in the allotted time of 8 hours or under. 2015-King-of-The-Hammers-UTV-KWells-KWP_1513 The 2-seater vehicles look out of place among the huge boulders they navigate around, following an identical route as the big boys who run the following day in Every Man Challenge. At times it seems the co-drivers are on a hike rather than a ride, as through the rock-filled canyons co-drivers stay busy operating winches, spotting, and at times giving the UTV a push it needs to crawl up the next rock. 2015-King-of-The-Hammers-UTV-KWells-KWP_1445 This year’s race saw five-time winner Mitch Guthrie #1 battling out Brandon Sims #1913 for much of the race. Other competitors clocking top times in lap 1 included Erik Miller #4421, competing as well in Friday’s 4400 class, and Blake Van de Loo #1919 followed by 6 others with lap 1 times under 2 hours. Lap 2 times rose significantly as parts broke things got more challenging, with the only timed finishers taking nearly 5 hours or more. Brandon Sims broke down in the second lap, leaving Mitch Guthrie to take his six KOH win and keeping his “most-winningest KOH driver” title, with a finishing time of 6:20:22. 2015-King-of-The-Hammers-UTV-KCline-ErikMiller Only two more competitors of the 49 starters would cross the finish line by the cutoff time of 4pm, Cody Currie #22 in the Sportsman class at 7:27:04 and Dean Bulloch #1909 in the Pro class at 7:48:45. Two others passed by shortly after, Jon Crowley and Chad Hughes, having their times recorded in the 8-9 hour range. Others, such as Erik Miller who completed the race near 8:30pm, continued on into the dark but did not receive an official time. 2015-King-of-The-Hammers-UTV-DDienelt-_DSC6658-2 Congratulations to all of those who finished the 2015 Polaris Rzr KOH UTV Race Presented by HCR! Enjoy the gallery below and King of The Hammers action continues through Friday, visit to see what’s going on at the moment via Ultra4’s livestream video coverage and Liveat social media streaming. id  32588
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