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Readers' Rides: Dodge Challenger SRT8

Choices abound in today's muscle car market, but for Tom and Shelle Kielty nothing could be closer to the original than the Dodge Challenger. Although not specifically looking for a muscle car, Tom was convinced after being cajoled into a test drive for a used 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8. It didn't take much to persuade his wife Shelle, who declared this was the "fun" car she wanted after getting behind the wheel. 2012-Dodge-Challenger-SRT8-modified-KCline-04 The couple was quick to start modifying their Challenger to make it their own - one of the great things about this car is how varied they look depending upon wheel, paint, graphics, and other aftermarket choices. For Tom and Shelle, they started with a few minor engine upgrades including a K&N intake and Diablosport tuner combined with upgraded Nitto Motivo tires. On the exterior, they've transformed the front and rear ends with grill and back panel from Mr. Norms, customized further at local Arlington shop, Top 1 Auto Body. Topping it off is a Mopar T/A hood, integrating just the right amount of red accents in the scoop vent. 2012-Dodge-Challenger-SRT8-modified-KCline-03 While Tom & Shelle's soon-to-be-driving daughter likes to think she'll be taking to the streets in this monster, Shelle is quick to point out it's all hers. Their family enjoys joining in with local car club activities and relishing the summer months when the Challenger can be opened up on lonely Texas roads. id  39493

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