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Red is the New Green: Torque Trends 1999 E-Miata Roadster

What started as a memorial restoration of their 1999 Mazda Miata Roadster gifted from their late son, Airman Elbi Joshua, was lifted to the next level and on display here at SEMA Show in the Torque Trends booth. EMiata-1 EMiata-2 EMiata-3 A lot of work and attention to detail was put in to convert this Miata into a hyper efficient, yet still fun to drive battery electric vehicle (BEV). EMiata-4 EMiata-5 EMiata-6 Don’t be fooled by the bright Viper Red paint job, inside this car is all green. Powered by 100, 60 amp Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide cells distributed throughout the car all tied together to demonstrate their new gearbox product the ev-Troque Box. EMiata-7 What do you think?!  
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