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Ride of the Week: '91 4x4 Toyota Pickup [Video]

Anyone can buy a 2018 Tacoma, go on a shopping spree for all kinds of parts, pay a shop to install everything and then go out to the desert and enjoy their brand new ride. But it takes a certain passion, skill and stubbornness to keep a 27-year-old truck in top performing condition. Driving Line Truck Editor Matt Moghaddam has a deep-seated affinity for Toyota pickup trucks, and his current project, nicknamed Scarlett, is his pride and joy. This 1991 4x4 Toyota Pickup has been reimagined into a daily-driven desert toy that pays homage to the Toyota prerunners of the '80s and '90s. Matt tries to keep it old school whenever he can, with subtle modifications that are on the leading edge of the off-road industry. His plans are to swap in a newer Toyota V6 with a supercharger and regear the differentials to really wake this truck up. In the meantime, when Matt's not in the office or covering an event for Driving Line, he's getting lost somewhere in the desert in his trusty Yota.

'91 Toyota Pickup Scarlett

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