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Ride of the Week: Built & Blown ’61 Chevy Apache

Mark Parham’s ’61 Chevy Apache may look like a rusted relic, but this classic pickup is farm from junk. If the supercharged LS under the hood doesn’t tell the story, then the custom interior sure will. Built by MDS Motorsports out of Fairview, North Carolina, this patina pickup combines creativity and quality execution rarely found on a truck that started off as an $800 purchase. Don’t worry, the Ride of the Week video above is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll have a full feature breakdown on this ride coming to you very soon.


 Specs: ’61 Chevy Apache

OWNER: Mark Parham
BUILD TIME: 2 ½ Years
ENGINE: GM 6.0L w/Magnuson MP112 Supercharger
REAR AXLE: Moser 12-bolt
TIRES: Nitto 555 G2 (275/35R20) front / Nitto 555R (305/35R20) rear
WHEELS: Detroit Steel 20x8 (front)/ 20x11 (rear)

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