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Ride of the Week: A Made-For-Thrills ‘70 Chevy Nova

Remember your first car? Maybe it was mom’s pass-me-down family beater or a trash heap you found on Craigslist. Maybe, it was a ’70 Nova… if you grew up in the ‘80s. For Max Gould, he chose the unlikely-for-him Chevy as a first car project. Not the usual choice for a laid-back Santa Barbara teenager. Next, Max and his dad wrenched together on the Nova for the next 8 months—completing the car just in time to attend LS Fest West this past May. And when we say “wrenched with his dad” we don’t mean he goofed off while dad did all the work while paying the bills. Max is a bonafide enthusiast—meaning he scrimps and saves for parts like the rest of us and grinds away at even the most frustrating of garage jobs. The result speaks for itself, it’s a car—not just a first car—that anyone could be proud of.

1970 Chevy Nova Restomod - Max Gould

Watch above then read on to hear more from Max about his project car and stay tuned for some exciting things coming from Max soon here on Driving Line.

1970 Chevy Nova Restomod - Max Gould

How did you choose a Nova?

I originally wanted a first-gen Camaro or Firebird, but prices are going up on those and I feel as if they are a bit overplayed in the pro-touring world. So, I searched for ‘68-74 Novas on Craigslist because of the similarities in the subframe to an F-body car. I saw a few that I liked, but when I saw the car I have now, it was just a no brainer.

1970 Chevy Nova Restomod - Max Gould

Favorite garage work?

My favorite garage work so far has been installing my Tremec TKO 600 transmission. But some garage work that I always look forward to are small projects that make an impact on the car’s appearance or performance. These projects include painting exterior parts or installing new parts to improve cooling and overall track capability of my car.

1970 Chevy Nova Restomod - Max Gould

Next car?

I don’t see myself getting rid of my Nova in the near future—it taught me so much about mechanics, engineering and life in general. I also have so many priceless memories working on it with my father. The only car I would see myself trading mine for would be a ‘63-67 Corvette. I think they are one of the best looking cars of all time, and it has been my father and I’s dream car forever.

LS Engine

Next car adventure?

The next car adventure for my Nova and I is to drop my new Mullinex Racing Engines LS1 in and keep hitting the track and autocross. I am also working hard to prepare my car for the 2018 Holley LS Fest West.

1970 Chevy Nova Restomod - Max Gould

SPECS: ’70 Chevrolet Nova

OWNER Max Gould
HOMETOWN Santa Barbara, California
BUILD TIME 8 months
ENGINE LS1 Swapped, N/A 346 ci., Holley Sniper Fuel System, Black Widow Exhaust
TRANSMISSION Tremec TKO 600, SST short throw, Ringbrothers billet shifter
SUSPENSION Detroit Speed Upper and Lower Control Arms and 2” lowering springs
WHEELS American Racing Torque Thurst (17x8)
TIRES Nitto NT555 G2 255/45/17

1970 Chevy Nova Restomod - Max Gould

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