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Ridge Grappler Review: Getting More Out of Ram's Power Wagon

Dodge’s Power Wagon debuted in 2005 as an off-road variant of the 2500 series Ram. With a 6.4L Hemi making 410hp, and a host of legitimate trail-ready upgrades, the Power Wagon is the current king of off-road ready heavy duty pickups. For owner Mike Coe, it was the perfect combination of toy hauler, daily driver, and occasional trail rig.

2020 Ram Power Wagon

Bigger Wheels, Bigger Tires

When Mike purchased the Ram, he knew that he wanted to fit larger tires. He had used Nitto Terra Grappler G2’s on his previous trucks, but wanted something more aggressive for the Power Wagon. The 35x12.50x20 Ridge Grappler provided an additional two inches of height, a nice advantage for the otherwise capable truck.

Nitto Ridge Grappler on 2020 Ram Power Wagon

In additional to the increase in height, Mike also changed out the 17-inch Power Wagon wheels with some OEM take-off’s from RAM Limited model for a more modern appearance. Thankfully, the Ridge Grappler is available in larger diameter sizes up to 24”, with every bit the same capability and comfort of the smaller diameter sizes.

Ram Power Wagon with Nitto Ridge Grappler tires

Will It Tow?

Although the softer off-road suspension of the Power Wagon dings the tow rating when compared to other super duty models, the 10,350 limit is more than enough for Mike’s purposes. The Ridge Grappler’s F load rating ensures that he’ll have no problem carrying his purpose-built Wrangler rock crawler to off-road parks all over the country.

Ram Power Wagon with Nitto tires

Road Manners

One of the reasons Mike chose the Ridge Grappler for this Ram was his experience with other Nitto products on past vehicles. Impressed with the longevity and livability of the Nitto Terra Grappler G2, he figured that the Ridge Grappler would provide more off-road capability, but also maintain on-road composure. While the Ridge Grappler is certainly more aggressive, he’s noted that particular tires ride smooth and are very quiet on the road, with none of the “roar” of other mud-terrain competitors, it's a feature of Nitto’s implementation of a variable pitch tread pattern in the tread design.

Nitto Ridge Grappler tread design

Modern Design for a Modern Truck

Aesthetically, Mike felt the more aggressive, modern sidewall design matched the sleek fifth-generation redesign of the Ram. For those that might prefer a little more old-school look, the Ridge Grappler offers a more traditional blocky sidewall design on the reverse face.

Nitto Ridge Grappler sidewall design

Proven Off-Road Performance

Ultimately, the combination of the Power Wagon and Ridge Grappler had to be functional off-road, and in Mike’s experience, they’ve been the perfect combo. While he does have a dedicated 4WD toy with his Jeep build, he’s not afraid to ride difficult trails with the Ram.

Ram Power Wagon front angle

Off-road performance needed to be more than a talking point. As a hybrid of mud-terrain and all-terrain designs, the Ridge Grappler’s staggered shoulder lugs and stepped block edges enhance grip for the big off-roader, while the shoulder grooves clear out mud and dirt from the tire’s deep grooves.

Nitto Ridge Grappler on Ram Power Wagon

A Perfect Match

As much as the Power Wagon is positioned as a do-it-all on or off-road entry in the Ram line-up, the Ridge Grappler has proved to be the perfect fit for Mike’s various vehicle needs. With competency on the pavement, and in the dirt, the Nitto Ridge Grappler is a compromise that requires little concession.

  • Need even more off-road performance from your RAM? The TRX is here and ready to destroy every obstacle.
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