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Rigid Industries Truck-Lite Headlight Review

KWP_5629 Last month, we installed Rigid Industries Dually LED's on our 1952 Willys M38 to get a better view when night wheeling. You can read the complete install by clicking Here. As we've mentioned before, proper lighting is a necessity for both safe on- and off-road driving. While the Dually auxiliary lights made a substantial difference on the trail, they are not something we can use on the street. Thankfully, Rigid Industries had an easy solution for our everyday night-vision needs. KWP_9790 This is thanks to the company's seven-inch-round Truck-Lite LED headlights. The DOT-compliant lights are designed to simply bolt in place of the stock halogen assemblies, and can actually be used on virtually any Jeep equipped with seven-inch-round headlights from the factory. (Wiring adapters may be required on some models). RigidMixInstall Similar to many of the other Rigid Industries products, the Truck-Lite headlights were an easy upgrade. KWP_9907 We're fans of our flatfenders classic lines, but the new lights did offer a clean update to our vintage 'wheeler. BeforeAfter Once the sun sets, the lights are truly impressive. Pictured above is a before and after comparison with the old sealed-beam-halogens and new LED lights below. Both shots were taken with brights on from the exact same position using the same camera settings so you can see the true difference in output. Now that we can see what's in front, we have plans to get more visibility underneath. Stayed tuned for the Rigid Industries Rock Light Kit install and review. Source: Rigid Industries 

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