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Scion FR-S Now Officially a Toyota 86

drivingline 2017 toyota 86 01

Toyota and Scion enthusiasts rejoice: the Scion FR-S (er, Scion by Toyota FR-S?) name is about to change for the better. Just as it's known in most other parts of the world, the FR-S, starting with the 2017 model, will now also be known in North America as the Toyota 86, and with it comes a little refresh. 

drivingline 2017 toyota 86 06

The 2017 Toyota 86 gets a nice facelift, literally, with a more aggressive and curved front bumper design with revised LED headlights and turn signals, and the side fender plates no longer have the older style 86 emblems but there are new 86 logos located down further on the fender where a sidemarker might traditionally reside. The rear end also comes with new LED taillights and a new bumper design.

drivingline 2017 toyota 86 07

Small performance enhancements have been made, the manual version Toyota 86 sees a gear ratio change and torque increase to 156lb-ft and a new total horsepower output of 205hp. The suspension has been revised with new spring rates and damper tuning. 

drivingline 2017 toyota 86 05

Other cosmetic updates include new alloys, and the interior will prominently feature the 86 logo on new Grandlux material used on the gauge cluster surround, which is also used on the door trim.


You can see the 2017 Toyota 86 at the upcoming New York International Auto Show next week.

(Photos: Courtesy of Toyota)

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