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About DAMD Time: First 86 Vantage Stateside

At the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon, DAMD Styling Effect revealed their kit that turned the Toyota 86 into a LFA look-alike, dubbing it the LFT-86. Fast forward to 2015 where they came back with the 86 Vantage kit that took styling cues from an Aston Martin V8 Vantage. The Scion FR-S (soon to be Toyota 86) is one of the most popular sports compact vehicles in the US, especially amongst the tuner community, but you’ve probably never seen this kit outside of Instagram. That is until now.

Sandy Lirag, founder of OEM Audio+ and an 86 enthusiast, came back from a recent trip to Japan with one thing in mind, be the first to bring the kit stateside and build an 86 Vantage for himself.

86 Vantage

Dreaming of becoming a secret agent just got a little more affordable. It will cost you around $100,000 less than a real Aston Martin V8 Vantage, but it will still make you do a double-take. DAMD gave the 86 a complete makeover inside and out, the front bumper has a signature Aston Martin-inspired grill that helps give this JDM car a more British feel.

Aston Martin-inspired grill

The spoiler is another big change as the kit covers the entire surface of the trunk. It actually reminds me more of a hardtop Spoon Sports Honda S2000 hardtop, but either way, it subtly changes the silhouette of the 86.

Vantage spoiler

The kit also includes a new rear bumper, fender garnishes and even DAMD emblems, including an “86 Vantage” name badge, so no one gets confused. There is an option to paint match all of the aero parts, but Sandy simply had to take it to Doug Starbuck of Star Side Design, the same man he trusts to paint the custom OEM Audio+ subwoofer enclosures.

86 Vantage name badge

OEM Audio

In true MI6 fashion, Sandy installed BlackVue cameras in the front, rear and door mirrors so that he can always keep an eye on it. The DAMD BLLED heated mirrors have some sneaky upgrades on their own with turn signal indicators and blue tint to reduce glare.

DAMD BLLED blue tinted heated mirrors

With it all coming together Sandy already has one of the most unique 86s in the US, but he isn’t satisfied with just the kit. H&R Springs Street Performance Coilovers and Gram Lights 57FXX give it a stance James Bond would be proud of. The stock lights are swapped out with the more elegant Spyder headlights and Helix Depo K Shade taillights.

Spyder headlights

Helix K shade taillights

Sandy also went with a DC Sports exhaust system, just so you know he’s coming before you even see him.

DC Sports exhaust system

Speaking of 007, DAMD also offers an interior package to complete the classy British motif. To match the sleek steel exterior, Sandy went with the tan leather seats and armrests with dark brown for the dash, boots and rest of the trim.

Vantage leather interior

The final touch to Sandy's 86 was outfitting the sound system to make it sounds like he’s listening to the orchestra during his commute. Soon to be releasing FR-S / BRZ sound deadening kit by HushMat is treated in the doors and headliner to quiet any road noises to allow their trademark Reference 450Q to shine. The way their plug and play sound system replaces factory components and tucks away nicely flows with the clean and elegant status the 86 Vantage kit upholds.

sound system

86 Vantage

This project officially debuted at the 2016 All Toyotafest in Long Beach, CA, and definitely made an impression.

Check out its feature in our 21st All Toyotafest – Top 21 list, and browse the gallery below for even more insider photos!

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