SEMA 2014: No Guts, No Glory.

SEMA is about taking chances and making a splash. Here's 5 gutsy moves by aftermarket companies looking to make a statement. chiquarium2 chiquarium1 CEC Wheels: Chiquarium...It had everyone talking, which was it's purpose. Girls swinging in lingerie in a clear booth - did I mention that they were throwing confetti on the one swinging? Just in case you weren't sure - Claus sells WHEELS. LOL. bmw_1 bmw_2 BMW MPerformance: Any OE Manufacturer that commits to the aftermarket in this way is good for everyone's business. It definitely is a risk (although a calculated one) for BMW. Why not allow OEM Warranted performance parts that owners could finance into the cost of the car?!? Makes sense (Scion has been doing it for awhile), but still a big undertaking even for a company the size of BMW. mustang_rtr2 mustang-RTR Ford Mustang RTR For Ken Block. Why not have Gymkhana 7 filmed with Ken Block hooning around in a new 2015 Mustang? Makes more sense publicity wise...but Ford took a chance and did it right bringing back some old school love with the RTR. It may not showcase their latest product but it will win the hearts of old school motorheads for sure. hre2 hre_1 HRE Wheels brings a Porsche 918 to showcase its wheels. Can you imagine how stressful it is to insure and watch over this car for a week? $845K base MSRP. No ropes, sitting open on a pedestal. 2 Pairs of custom build centerlocks? No problem. Gutsy move from the guys in Vista. aventador_LBW lbw_m4 lbw_m4_2 lbmw_porsche Liberty Walk Bodykits. Anyone willing to cut the fenders on their perfectly fresh European and/or Exotic has some brass cajones. This is the point of no return, this isn't bolt-on, come off's a commitment. Did you hear about these 5 gutsy moves at SEMA 2014? If you did, they obviously worked...


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