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Slammed '62 Ford Country Squire Sporting a 900hp Diesel Swap

Just like love at first sight, you know it when you pass by something special at a car show. Or, in our case, the biggest truck show of the year (Ultimate Callout Challenge in Indy). After spotting a 6.0L Power Stroke under the hood of this old Ford Country Squire, we moved in for a closer look. Then, after finding a compound turbo arrangement feeding the diesel V8, we calmly waited around for the owners to arrive. Kodie Paxton and her husband, BJ Boden, aren’t exactly strangers to custom vehicles, but this one is truly unique.

First and foremost, it’s damn powerful. This isn’t simply a 6.0L getting swapped into a Patina’d classic. The engine is a full-blown build from Kill Devil Diesel, complete with Carrillo rods and aluminum heads—along with big hybrid injectors from Warren Diesel and the highest displacement HPOP in the industry: the Thumper II from RCD Performance. Then comes the S300/S400 turbo configuration that initially fools the untrained eye into believing twin-turbos are on tap. Of course, there’s more (much, much more) to this one-of-kind wagon. Keep scrolling for the full scoop.

Cleared Patina, Custom Purple, Pinstriping And Air Brushing

1962 Ford Country Squire 6.0L Power Stroke Swap

Many sets of hands (and processes) were involved in achieving the look Kodie and BJ were after. We’ll start with the fact that the patina exterior has been clear coated to keep the body’s few trouble spots from worsening. The one-off, Candy Purple paint you see was mixed by BJ and applied by Detroit Chris (“The Mad Professor”). The airbrushed wood grain graphics on the sides of the wagon came courtesy of Best Built Customs. Finally, pinstriping was added (both inside and out) by Hanson Graphix.

A 900 HP 6.0L

6.0L Power Stroke V8 Diesel Engine

The 6.0L Power Stroke began as an ’06 model year core at Kill Devil Diesel, and then was transformed into a real fire-breather. The Stage 3 6.0L sports Carrillo rods, coated, de-lipped and valve-relieved pistons, a billet camshaft and the company’s O-ringed cylinder heads (complete with Jesel lifters and adjustable rockers). The injection system gets a shot in the arm as well thanks to a set of Warren Diesel 8mm hybrid injectors and an RCD Performance Thumper II HPOP, while a ported S3R intake manifold from ODawgs Diesel opens up airflow into the engine. Also notice the mounting location of the FICM in the lifter valley, a space made available by locating the turbos at the front of both banks.

Boost, Compounded

Compound Turbo System 6.0L Power Stroke Diesel

Speaking of the turbos, a BorgWarner S400 SXE serves as the atmosphere charger (shown), which handles the first stage of compression. It makes use of an 80mm compressor wheel, a 96mm turbine wheel and a 1.32 A/R, T6 flange exhaust housing. A BorgWarner S300 SXE with a 64mm compressor, 73mm turbine and .88 A/R T4 exhaust housing is the high-pressure unit that helps bring the system to life at low rpm. At full tilt, Kodie and BJ report that 69-psi of boost is on tap. A Mishimoto intercooler helps keep intake air temps and EGT in check.

Turbo And Engine Insurance

External Turbo Wastegate 6.0L Power Stroke

Part of the reason boost doesn’t spike into triple-digits is present here: a Turbo Smart wasgtegate. The external gate is integrated into the compound arrangement to limit the amount of drive pressure the system sees (and the damage that too much of it can cause…). You can also spot a callout for Kodie and BJ’s place of business, Acme Gas & Oil LLC, in each valve cover. A set of BD Diesel exhaust manifolds and a 5-inch diameter exhaust (with an oval-shaped exit, no less) are also part of the 6.0L Power Stroke’s elaborate exhaust system.

Manual Transmission & Hurst Shifter

NV4500 Manual Transmission 1962 Ford Galaxie Wagon

Yet another curve ball comes in the form of the wagon’s transmission, an NV4500 manual and not the 5R110W TorqShift (or ZF-6) you typically find behind the 6.0L Power Stroke. Plucked out of a ’97 Dodge Ram, the five-speed unit was overhauled at SuperStick Transmissions and then fitted with a dual disc clutch from South Bend. Up ahead of the Hurst shifter, the dashboard has been paint-matched in Candy Purple along with being treated to the same, Hanson Graphix pinstriping touch that’s present on the exterior.

Custom Chassis With Air-Ride

Air Ride Tanks Diesel Swap Ford Galaxie

These Patina-themed FLO tanks are part of the wagon’s air-ride system, which consists of AirLift’s Dominator D2600 front and rear air springs, along with 3H air management and two Viair 444C compressors. As for the chassis, the car sits on a square tube frame that BJ build by hand at Acme Gas & Oil LLC. The one-off frame accommodates an independent rear suspension (IRS) system as well, complete with QA1 adjustable front and rear shocks. Unfortunately, thanks to its frame-laying design, most passersby never get to see the work and effort that went into the car’s chassis.

A Mix Of Original And Custom In The Interior

Custom And Original Interior 1962 Ford Country Squire Wagon

Things remain interesting (yet just as well done) in the wagon’s interior. The factory rear bench seat, center console and door panels were retained, albeit reupholstered by Pete’s Auto Upholstery, and the front buckets were robbed out of an ‘06 Lincoln MKZ (which were also reupholstered by Pete’s Auto Upholstery). The wood panel flooring you see here sits atop a one-off floor pan that was built by master fabricator, Don Steinman. Dash and instrumentation upgrades include Dakota Digital gauges, GlowShift gauges and gauge pods, and a RetroSound head unit.

Summer Tires And Era Appropriate Wheels

Nitto NT555 G2 Ultra High Performance Tire

When the 6.0L Power Stroke roars to life and the compound turbos come online, it’s up to a set of Nitto NT555 G2’s to hold down the fort in the traction department. The ultra high performance summer tires mounted in the rear measure 285/30ZR20, while the front 245/35ZR20 versions check in a touch smaller. Detroit Steel Ambassador wheels offer the wagon an era-appropriate look. They’re sized at 20x9 up front and 20x11 out back.

  • Wild, old-school re-powers are nothing new to the diesel scene—and (surprisingly) neither are 6.0L Power Stroke swaps. Check out Jeremy Flanders’ 6.0L-powered, fourth generation Suburban right here.
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