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Slammedenuff: Top 5 Rain or Shine

With show season underway, SlammedEnuff hosted their first meet of 2017 in downtown Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Center. A definite improvement from last year's venue, the showcase cars are housed inside with the rest of the show spilling outside. Entrants fought spring showers the whole day, rolling into the venue soaking wet — but once everything got wiped down, attendees were treated to a solid display of quantity and quality of today's best show cars.

In no particular order, here are the top five picks that caught our eyes:

1. Wolfpack Performance's Acura Integra


Although Honda doesn't get the same amount of love on the East Coast as it does on the West, there are occasionally cars that stand out in a big way. Resurrected from what can best be described as a wreck, this Integra has been fitted with a fully built B20, unique Avant Garde wheels and root beer paint that's impossibly deep.

2. Donte Winters' Toyota Supra


With the vintage JDM revival in full effect, American enthusiasts are finally beginning to explore all of the various styles long associated with these models. Donte Winters has gone wild with this second-generation Supra, sourcing a 6M-GE and transforming the Toyota into a full tribute to bosozuku style.

3. Melvin Jimenez' Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey

Enthusiasts transitioning into fatherhood and still keeping the dream alive has been a journey more and more have embarked on lately, thanks in part to the VanKulture movement. You could say that Melvin Jimenez has fulfilled his odyssey with his Odyssey. This van wears a set of Canino wheels, Honda accessory aero and a classy VIP-inspired interior true to anyone representing .

4. Christian Portell's Nissan Skyline

Nissan Skyline

With the mass influx of R32 Skylines in the past couple years, standing out of the pack has been a bit of a challenge believe it or not. Christian Portell has taken the period-correct route, mounting an HKS turbo kit, white TE37s, early '90s Nismo seats and gutting the interior for track work.

5. Bremen Autowerks' Mercedes-Benz E-Class Convertible

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Convertible

This peanut-butter-and-jelly-colored Mercedes Benz convertible caught our eye just with its sheer classiness. An AirLift suspension keeps the big coupe planted on classic gold-face BBS RS wheels — a timeless combo. The work was done by Georgia-based Bremen Autowerks.

Don't forget to check out more of these cars at Slammed Enuff Atlanta in the gallery below!

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