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Smashing Records (& More): Rudy’s Diesel Fall Truck Jam [Video]

Every fall, the competitive diesel world invades the Piedmont Dragway for the annual Rudy’s Diesel Fall Truck Jam. It’s here that the Outlaw Diesel Super Series wraps up as some of the fastest diesel trucks on the planet cement their spot in the record books on the 1/8 mile dragstrip. In addition to the rubber ripping race trucks, you’ll find a show-and-shine, a dyno trailer and high-flying dirt action on the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League two-night event.

While our video above highlights some of the standout moments and trucks from the event, we’ll have more detailed race coverage coming very soon!


The Fastest of the Fast

The Pro Mod diesel class is packed full of some of the most competitive racers and blistering fast diesel trucks in the U.S. Piloted by Larson Miller, the Firepunk Diesel-built Save the Rack’s S10 put down an incredible 4.48 pass at 169 mph.

Rudy's Diesel Fall Truck Jam save the racks

Out With a Bang

While it wasn’t the season ender Ben Shadday was hoping for, the Done Right Diesel Performance truck’s safety equipment did its job when the truck broke traction and spun into the wall. Despite the crash, the team would still take home the Pro Mod class championship.

Rudy's Diesel Fall Truck Jam crash

Trending Treads

Getting traction is the name of the game in diesel drag racing. For trucks running DOT tires, the Nitto NT420S was a popular choice. These all-season tires have a proven track record and were helping trucks consistently put down the power as they blasted off of the line.

Rudy's Diesel Fall Truck Jam Nitto 420

Show of Force

The vender show was jam packed with dozens of the top parts providers in the nation. American Force wheels was even on hand with a collection of built trucks and new products. None were as high-profile though as the solid-axle Chevy Duramax built by Davis Off-Road. Just to put the size of the truck in perspective, the truck was effortless clearing a set of 40x15.50 Nitto Trail Grapplers on 24-inch 670 Shift American Force wheels.

Rudy's Diesel Fall Truck Jam Davis


The Diesel Doctor was on-hand with its mobile dyno. All weekend long drivers would learn get the good and bad news they were looking for. Some of the racers were even strapping on the trailer between rounds as a little tuning can equate to big changes.

Rudy's Diesel Fall Truck Jam Dyno

Rudy’s Rundown

As the event’s title sponsor, Rudy’s had a host of products and vehicles at the event. Despite having engine issues throughout the weekend, Rudy’s Pro Mod truck would take home a win with Rawlings Barnes behind the wheel.

Rudy's Diesel Fall Truck Jam black pro mod

In The Dirt

The strip wasn’t the only place you could find big truck action. We caught up with Clint Mills and his 1,300hp Ram as it was making its way down the Pro Pulling League sled pull track. You can find out even more about his Cummins pickup in our Ride of the Week feature.

Rudy's Diesel Fall Truck Jam tractor pull

We’ll have more race coverage coming from the event soon. Until then, be sure to check out what you missed from the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza.

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