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Take 5: '74 LS2-Swapped Datsun 260Z

Justin Mazerolle might be a rookie builder, but his vintage Datsun nevertheless caught our eye as we were scanning Instagram for any repost-worthy builds running Nitto Tires. We reposted, and it got a lot of love (we see you, Alec Hohnadell). It's now one of our top 30 most-liked posts... no big deal.

@drivinline repost: @justmuzzy08

It's not hard to see why. This build is bitchin'. And it's come a long way since Justin first bought the Datsun a few years ago.

Throwback to stock 1974 Datsun

It totally embodies the meaning of #BuiltNotBought.

'74 Datsun stripped chassis

We wanted to learn a little more about the builder himself, so here is this week's Take 5:

Justin Mazerolle  |  @justinmuzzy08

1974 DATSUN 260Z

Justin Mazerolle - Datsun 260Z - Stanced Imports by David Currie (Photo: David Currie)

1. Favorite car movie: 

"Gone in 60 Seconds." Absolutely love the Eleanor.

2. Favorite driving music:

I don't have a stereo in the car, so I will go with exhaust note.

3. Best mod to your vehicle:

I would have to say the best mod is the LS2/T-56 swap. The LS2 is a built 404ci stroker with heads ported and polished, cam and intake.

LS2 Swap in 1974 Datsun 260Z

4. Favorite road to drive:

Route 333 in Nova Scotia, Canada. Lots of turns and great scenery.

Nitto Tires - NT05

(The precise and responsive handling of his Nitto NT05s probably don't hurt, either.)

5. Next automotive adventure:

I'm just enjoying and driving my car for now; I plan on building a second car in the near future.

@justinmuzzy08 - Stanced Imports - David Currie (Photo: David Currie)

Whatever Justin decides to do, we can definitely say he's heading in the right direction. We can't wait to see what he comes up with next. Make sure to give him a follow on Instagram @justinmuzzy08.

Here's another LS-swap worth a look: Gas Monkey Garage's 2000 Porsche 996.

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