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Take 5: Sleeper Supra

Give it a second look, and you'll soon realize this car isn't your typical Supra. Find out from the owner himself — this sleeper's got a few surprises up its sleeve...

Daniel Montanez  |  @dmont0446

1994 Toyota Supra Turbo

Daniel Montanez

1. What is the best mod to your vehicle?

Best mod? The tow hitch (it really does have one). But really, I love the massive intercooler. There's something intimidating about staring at a Supra from the front with a GReddy 4 row intercooler.

Supra from the front

2. Who/what has been the biggest influence on or inspiration for the build?

Ever since I've had a Supra, which has been about 10 years, the Supra community in SoCal has been my biggest influence. There are so many different builds and great people in the community, which doesn't let me pinpoint just one person or car.


3. What is your biggest automotive pet peeve?

One thing that always comes up when someone looks at my Supra is the fact that it's an auto. They get discouraged and think it's slow. What a lot of these individuals don't realize is that I don't lose boost while shifting; it's a strong-built auto, great in traffic and actually faster than Supras with a similar setup.


4. What is your favorite music to build or drive to?

In my opinion you can't beat listening to EDM while cruising down the coast.  

5. What is your next automotive adventure?

I want to stick with the rare imports. I'd like to have an Acura NSX or RX-7 in the near future.

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