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19th Annual All-Toyotafest | Top 10 Supra

The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA was the backdrop for the show of shows for Southern California Toyota owners and enthusiasts alike. The 19th Annual All-Toyotafest limits its participants to Toyota, Scion, and Lexus vehicles, but there is no shortage of diversity amongst the Toyota legacy. From past to present, modified to restored, VIP cars to lifted trucks; there was a style well represented for everyone. With so much to see and so many friends to talk to, I knew where I wanted my focus, aperture, and shutter speed to be for this party - the land of the Supra. I picked out 5 new school and 5 old school Supras from the many and arranged my personal Top 10 Toyota Supras at this year’s Toyotafest.

10. Alexx’s 1983 Toyota Celica Supra (MK2)

toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-2 toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-3 There’s always going to be that one Work In Progress build that catches your eye. It’s not as pristine as all the others, but rather it’s the ugly duckling that shines with potential. toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-4 Don’t let the mismatched body panels fool you; this classic is boasting an immaculate 2JZ-GTE powerplant more commonly found on later Supra models. And that old school Celica dragon logo just makes it look even more beastly.

9. Freddy’s 1988 Toyota Supra (MK3)

toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-5 Always have to respect the classics. The Supra is one of the most iconic sports cars of the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s, and a lot of that is due to all the engineers and designers at Toyota who rolled out such beauty and power straight from the factory, no modifications needed. This Supra was born over 25 years ago, and this one doesn’t look a day over 1. toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-6 An engine bay so clean you can eat off it. The wire tuck is so neatly done that it makes the 7M-GTE turbocharged engine look even beefier.

8. Eric’s 1997 Limited Edition 15th Anniversary Toyota Supra (MK4)

toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-7 In 1997, all Supra models were given a limited edition badge to signify the line’s 15th year anniversary. This particular green jelly bean was nicely done with carbon fiber accents from its aerodynamic lip kit and engine cover. toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-8 I’m always a sucker for some clean wheels, and Racing Harts have always been special. Always a timeless look originated from the 90’s that has become a rare sight nowadays.

7. Jill’s 1990 Toyota Supra (MK3)

toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-9 Sometimes there’s more to the build than the car itself. Jill built and restored this Supra with her late father in mind. Her father, who unfortunately passed away in 2009, was also a Supra owner and enthusiast. The feeling of family is only epitomized as she follows in her father’s footsteps with a build he’s sure to be proud of. toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-10 1990 was the first year Toyota developed the 1JZ twin-turbo engine and while it was originally released for only the Japanese model, here is one living and breathing well on the state side. (Heels not included).

6. Roy’s 1993 Toyota Supra (MK4)

toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-11 A lot of things going on for Supra during this year of production, the sports car game just got serious. In Supra’s 4th generation, Toyota resigned it bigger, better, and lighter. The rounded yet sleek body lines are accompanied with Toyota’s new 2JZ-GTE twin turbo engine and a new 6-speed transmission. Roy’s Supra stays true to the original look with some minor carbon fiber styling here and there. toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-12 Racing Hart CP-F, another timeless classic that we see too far and in between at car shows. The wheels fit perfectly to the era of the build, it’s like this Supra just arrived from the 90’s; I love it!

5. Aaron’s 1993 Toyota Supra (MK4)

toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-13 Not going to lie, the CCW’s are what originally pulled me into this particular Supra. It was simple, no major exterior mods to catch your eye. I noted the wheels, but I also noticed how clean the engine bay was. It was a proper build. By why is it ranked so high on my top 10? Well I looked at it just long enough and then realized something. toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-14 The engine head read 1.2JZ!? As I did my background research, I learned that this is the first MK4 with a 2JZ VVT-i head on a 1JZ block. It’s simple on the outside but well-deserved for the “Best Modified” award for the inside.

4. Danny’s 1994 Toyota Supra (MK4) toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-15

Getting close to the top here, so I’m eyeing for those fine, unique quirks. The fuel of the future in the body of the past; the unique thing about Danny’s Supra is the Ethanol 85 flex fuel conversion. There is still a lot to learn about alcohol-based fuels, such as debate between safer for the environment and fuel price versus less power and miles per gallon. But there is one significant property that is beneficial to auto enthusiasts like most Supra owners... toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-16 ...Ethanol 85 flex fuel’s properties will allow for a more aggressive tune on these turbocharged engine!

3. Darrell’s 1998 Toyota Supra (MK4)

toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-17 Right away you can see all the hard work Darrell has done to his quicksilver Supra. The simple attentions to detail of highlighting the fine styling of the entire MK4 design and taking it to another level. He’s done a little bit of everything and he's done it all himself; from a shiny clean engine bay to the perfectly-fitting Work Equips and aggressive body kit with carbon fiber accents. toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-18 And to top it off, a custom wide body rear fender flare for that added junk in the trunk.

2. Rodel’s 1989 Toyota Supra (MK3)

toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-19 You’ll never forget about the MK3 again after seeing Rodel’s immaculate Supra. Arguably the gold standard amongst this generation’s Supra, it has been known to attract Supra and non-Supra enthusiasts alike. A 2JZ-GTE powerplant conversion, D.O.C. Twinscroll manifold, as well as numerous other strapping motor work all play along with its “NTORIOS” (Notorious) nickname. toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-20 Today Rodel was sporting these Enkei NTO3’s wrapped in Nitto Tires, but he’s been seen with multiple wheel styles throughout his build. I’ve counted at least five, but I’m sure I’ve missed a few here and there. And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for; the superest of Supras...

1. Craig’s 1988 Toyota Supra (MK3)

toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-21 Craig’s Supra takes the top spot because it’s one of the cleanest cars I’ve seen at Toyotafest overall. Sometimes people get too caught up in modifying their car that they forget what it originally looked like. This blue 1988 Supra is in pristine condition and stays true to that factory look, except it has a slew of work done to it with just the right parts. toyotafest-2014-top-10-supra-22 It’s internals, suspension, wheels, interior; everything has been redone and improved upon, not one stone has been left unturned with this build. You just have to take a moment and take in its elegance. And there you have it, my top 10 Toyota Supras at this year’s All-Toyotafest. There’s no escaping the news about the Toyota HQ move, but despite it all, as long as we have events like this with enthusiasts like these, the Toyota passion will never leave Southern California. Until next year Toyotfest!
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