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Take 5: Superchargers and Exhaust Notes

While many drivers have a preferred music playlist queued up for the road, there are some who are simply content hearing the sounds of power coming from their souped up ride. The whine of a supercharger and that exhaust drone? For project car owners Mark Palumbo Jr. and Phil Chein, that's music to their ears. This is the third installment of Driving Line series Take 5:

Mark Palumbo Jr.  |  2014 Mustang GT

Instagram: @markjr32

2014 Mustang GT

1. Best mod to your vehicle:

Roush Supercharger, 723 hp to the flywheel.

Roush Supercharger

(And look at those Nitto Tire NT05s, though.)

2. Favorite driving music:

The exhaust note from the Corsa Xtreme Exhaust and Kooks Headers.

3. Ugliest car ever made:

Toyota Prius.

Toyota Prius

4. Most used app (besides Instagram):


5. Next automotive adventure:

Another Mustang, hopefully a Shelby.

Phil Chein  |  2013 Scion FR-S

Instagram: @bear89103

2013 Scion FR-S

1. Best mod to your vehicle:

Jackson Racing Supercharger.

Jackson Racing Supercharger

2. Favorite driving music:

Does my exhaust drone count?

3. Ugliest car ever made:

I’m old enough to actually have seen some of these on the road. I’d have to say that the ugliest is the AMC Gremlin.

AMC Gremlin (Photo: Christopher Ziemnowicz)

4. Most used app (besides Instagram):

Two Dots.

5. Next automotive adventure:

Definitely looking forward to my net car build being the FT-1 (Supra).

Want to know more about these owners and their builds? Follow Mark and Phil on Instagram!

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