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Talking Shift_12: An 8-Year-Old Asks...

An 8-year-old asks you, "What's the best & worst car?" When I was asked this last week, I discovered that what sounds like a fairly simple question turns out to be a challenge to answer. Without further distinction on what characterizes an overall "best" and "worst," the Driving Line team make their choices and explain their qualifying factors —plus include what their 8-year-old-self dream car was. Watch the Facebook LIVE video below or scroll down to see our picks.

8-Year-Old Self Dream Cars

Kristin's Pick: VW Rabbit... err, I mean VW Cabriolet

VW Cabriolet Photo courtesy of Curbside Classic ("stickers" added by Kristin)

Philip's Pick: Lego Jeep

jeep wrangler rubicon lego

Matt's Pick: BMW 850

bmw850csi Photo courtesy of BMW.

Mike's Pick: Porsche 959

p 1 8 Photo courtesy of RM Sotheby's

What's the WORST car – answered to an 8-year-old

Kristin's Pick: 2015-17 Cadillac Escalade

cadillac escalade Photo courtesy of GM.

Philip's Pick: Maserati Ghibli

maserati ghibli Photo courtesy of Maserati.

Matt's Pick: Smart Car

smartfortwo Photo courtesy of Smart Automobile.

Mike's Pick: Dodge Neon SRT

simple dodge neon srt 4 on small vehicle remodel ideas with dodge neon srt 4 Photo courtesy of Ten Wheel.

What's the BEST car – answered to an 8-year-old

Kristin's Pick: Tesla Model S

tesla model s Photo courtesy of Tesla.

Philip's Pick: Porsche 911... any year

porsche 911

Matt's Pick: 1996 C-350 Bronco by Centurion

broncocenturion Photo courtesy of

Mike's Pick: AMG Mercedes 4x4 Squared

mercedes benz g500 4x4 squared concept Photo courtesy of Mercedes-Benz.

What would you answer to an 8-year-old? Comment below or join the conversation on Facebook!

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