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Talking Shift_10: Cars With Christmas Spirit

The holidays have the ability to bring out the best in people, especially car people. For our 10th episode of Talking Shift, we'd like to recognize the automotive heroes of the season — those with faith that can haul giant Christmas trees, those with the courage to drive their vintage air-cooled Porsche in the snow and those who take extra care to give their ride a "festive" touch.

1. Big Tree, Little Car

KRISTIN: I recently realized that a lot of people have never actually purchased (and lugged home) a real tree. They’re totally missing out on the fun of engineering the ride home with it. What’s the biggest haul in the smallest car you’ve tried to do (Christmas tree or otherwise)?

electric car towing a giant Christmas tree

ANNA: Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I once fit a whole coffee table in the back seat of my little sedan.

JUSTIN: The tree is already decorated. Are you sure that little guy didn’t steal it from the mall or something?

ALI: I recently hit a tree in the road that had fallen off of a car in front of me. Thankfully, I was in the Raptor so there wasn’t much damage. Some people lack the skills necessary to properly haul a tree!

2. Yaasss Jeep, Sleigh 👑🎅💰🔥

ALI: Santa’s sleigh looks like it won’t have any trouble getting around Louisiana this year. Skyjacker definitely knows how to get into the Christmas spirit!

Skyjacker (Photo: @skyjacker)

KRISTIN: That’s gonna need some taller tires to make it’s way over the hoards of people here in Los Angeles.

JUSTIN: By my calculations, this Jeep is running on eight reindeerpower.

ANNA: If Santa had a Hugh Hefner-alter ego, this is what he'd roll into town in.

3. Toy Tesla

JUSTIN: The most fuel efficient Tesla you can get. This holiday season it runs candy canes and cookies exclusively.

Steven Hasegawa (Photo: @stevenhasegawa)

KRISTIN: The challenge here is fitting inside it after said candy canes and cookies!

ALI: Sadly, there will still be a waiting list and conspiracy surrounding this car.

ANNA: It took me five whole minutes to figure out this was a kid’s toy car.

4. Santa Got Run Over by a Wrangler

ANNA: I hope everyone gets the reference... Props to this Jeep owner for taking advantage of the snow and the fact that a Wrangler is the perfect vehicle to run Santa over in.

Megan Schanz (Photo: @meganschanz / Caption: @instajeepthing)

KRISTIN: Ha! My grandma once got ran over by their fifth wheel when Gramps was parking it. We never sang that song the same again.

JUSTIN: Grandma has been avenged.

ALI: Still not the worst Jeep accessory I’ve ever seen! 

5. Just Classic Keeping It Casual

KRISTIN: Many owners of classics have stowed theirs away for the winter. Mad props go out to those that drive theirs. I’ve spotted Matt Hummel and his Porsche 356 at both King of The Hammers and Speedweek, so it’s no surprise he takes it on the snow as well. I’m thinking my Studebaker may need to accompany me to Hammers this year...

hummul (Photo: @hummul)

ANNA: I like that. If you have a car, drive it. Of course, I don’t know what it’s like to own more than one car at a time, either... so, easy for me to say.

ALI: It’s always great to see classics on the road, no matter what the season. 

JUSTIN: Just picked up the 30th anniversary Blu Ray edition of A Christmas Story. I think this is one of the deleted scenes.

6. Snow Shrek

ANNA: Am I the only one who actually laughed out loud when I first saw this? There aren’t many winter/holiday-themed cars on Instagram that aren’t just decked out in lights or gift-wrapped, so this one’s a gem.

@kevin_the_kiddd (Photo: @kevin_the_kiddd)

ALI: I’m so glad I don’t live in a place where that’s a possibility! 

JUSTIN: When will these holiday specials stop...

KRISTIN: The holiday specials must go on... and we will love them.

7. #TheHammersAreComing

ALI: While many are focused on the upcoming holidays, Heavy Metal Concepts reminded me that King of the Hammers in just a few short weeks away.

Heavy Metal Concepts (Photo: @heavymetalconcepts)

JUSTIN: Something tells me these guys wouldn’t mind coal from Santa.

KRISTIN: Looks like that buggy is just relaxing after eating too many Christmas cookies.

ANNA: “Roll over! Good, buggy!”

8. #GiftWrapChallenge

JUSTIN: It wouldn’t be the end of 2016 without one final viral challenge. Thankfully this one didn’t catch on as well as the others. Does this count as re-gifting?

Randy Truong (Photo: @randytruongg)

ALI: 3M should add Christmas paper to its wrap line

ANNA: #squadgoals

KRISTIN: I guess you could say, that's a wrap!

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