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The OBSession: A ’92 Chevy Pickup that Doesn’t Settle for “Good Enough”

In the world of custom and collectable vehicles, there comes a time when certain vehicles of the past go from a low point to becoming hot once again. Usually this happens when a new vehicle is highly desired for many years and then interest dies off. Kids of that generation may remember how hot these vehicles of the past were and buy them up when they can afford them at a later time. This movement causes a shift where these less-desirable vehicles turn cool again.

Grille of Trent Briggs' '92 Chevy pickup

The Movement

One such truck model is the ‘88-’98 Chevy pickup now known as the “Old Body Style” (OBS). Ford enthusiasts have a similar truck that is highly regarded like this Chevy and both taken on the OBS namesake. Back in the day, these trucks were revolutionary as they showed progression with car-like style and drivability. They even kicked off the “Sport Truck” movement when hot rodders began to customize them like never before. As the guys that were youngsters when these trucks came out can now afford custom vehicles of their own, they have rejuvenated interests in these trucks.

Rear of Trent Briggs' '92 Chevy pickup

The Beginning

Trent Briggs story of his ’92 Chevy is a similar one, but he did not purchase the truck through some random deal. Actually, this truck was bought by his father when it was new, and Trent was just 5 years old. He admits that he distinctly remembers going with his pops to pick up the new truck off the lot. His dad used the truck for construction work throughout many years. He even remembers round bales of hay being hauled in the bed as well.

Front of Trent Briggs' '92 Chevy pickup

Making it Custom

After putting in many years of service it was retired from work duty and Trent was looking for a vehicle to drive to high school. On his 16th birthday, his parents surprised him by giving him the keys to the truck. By this time, Trent was already keen to custom trucks and knew he wanted to make his special truck better. His longtime friend, Chris Silvey always had head-turning vehicles and they had a conversation about the ’92 Chevy. Soon enough, the two of them set the truck up with an airbagged suspension to slam it low.

LS Engine of Trent Briggs' '92 Chevy pickup

Back at it Again

Trent had one of the coolest vehicles in high school, but the fun slowed down as he went off to college and no longer had any time or funds to improve on his truck. There were a few upgrades that came with time but then he went through a divorce and that put a strain on things for a while, too. After he was able to get things back together in his personal life, he was able to swap in a 5.3L LS engine with help from friend Brandon Cumbie.

Rear of Trent Briggs' '92 Chevy pickup

Making it Rad

Though he was making some progress with the truck, Trent knew it wasn’t good enough for him. After struggling to find a space to work on the truck, he and his wife Shannon had a house built in Denton, TX with a decent sized garage. By this time, Trent had a laundry list of mods he wanted performed on his truck and enlisted the help of Scott Rupp of RAD Garage in Fort Worth. From there, the truck’s roofline went lower as the truck received a stock-floor body drop. This dropped the body further down over the frame so the rocker panels of the cab kiss the pavement.

Interior of Trent Briggs' '92 Chevy pickup

Interior Features

The fun didn’t end there as Scott added a ’59 Ford Galaxy dashboard and modified it to fit the confines of the cab and to fit Mazda Miata AC vents. The truck’s original gauges are even set behind the lens of the Galaxie gauge cluster while a Billet Specialties steering wheel adds some style. Fill up the rest of the cab is the customized factory door panels and bench seat that are covered in black vinyl with red diamond stitching all done by Xtreme Upholstery.

Bed of Trent Briggs' '92 Chevy pickup

The New Look

Back onto the body, the front inner fenders were removed for extra room and covers were made. In the bed, the floor was modified for the frame notch and larger wheels tubs before getting a spray-on liner. The front was dressed in a ’94 GMC grille shell that has a billet insert. The front bumper was tucked closer to the body as the rear was replaced with a smoothed and modified ’99 Chevy truck bumper.

Nitto 420S on Trent Briggs' '92 Chevy pickup

Finishing it Off

Making this truck even more slick, Scott shaved the door handles, stake bed pockets, antenna, third brake light and fuel filler door. Once all the bodywork was done, it was covered in custom-mixed PPG paint that is called “RAD RED.” Finishing the look is a set of 22x8.5 and 22x10 Intro XLR series EZ billet aluminum wheels with machined and coated centers. The wheels are now covered in 265/35ZR22 and 285/35ZR22 Nitto NT420S tires, which can handle the upgraded performance and also provide a comfortable ride.

Front of Trent Briggs' '92 Chevy pickup

The Revival

Now that this truck is finished, Trent is able to enjoy something from his childhood in a new way. Though it has a fresh new look, it is something that Trent is very fond of as he spent many miles in the passenger seat. Like many other people born during the same era, Trent was able to appreciate a truck like this, and we are glad to see these them take on a new life in the modern day. 

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