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Top 10 Cars at Stance Nation Odaiba 2015

Stance Nation’s fourth event in Japan, its biggest yet, finally came to the big city of Tokyo when it touched down at Diver City in Odaiba. Held previously at the famed Fuji Speedway (in the Shizuoka prefecture) and Nagasaki earlier this year (in Kyushu), the sold-out event brought the latest crop of stanced Japanese vehicles out to play. Here are 10 of our favorites:

dl sn odaiba edit 06

Hiroto Hosotani's “Bad 180SX”: While most S-chassis cars these days are committed to the Rocket Bunny clan, Hosotani's 180SX is a refreshing albeit wild departure from the norm. Custom widened fenders, side window louvers, side exit exhausts from the front and side of the car are some of its more unique features.

dl sn odaiba edit 07 Endless Racing S14: Sans crazy sticker placement, a kouki S14 is always a welcome site.

dl sn odaiba edit 10

Syuichi Hosoda's Honda Odyssey: The JDM version of Honda's Odyssey is something we'll always crave, even if it doesn't come with a large intercooler stuffed into its front bumper.

dl sn odaiba edit 11

Spirit Rei Nissan S13 Silvia: Known best for grafting Honda Odyssey front ends onto the S13 chassis, Spirit Rei kept the OG intact but with fresh aero pieces.

dl sn odaiba edit 02

Rocket Bunny FD3S RX-7: Call it bright green or yellow highlighter color, we don't care. This RB FD looks outstanding on those SSR Formula Mesh wheels.

dl sn odaiba edit 12

dl sn odaiba edit 13

T-Demand does the new ND Miata right with a set of deep TE37Vs.

dl sn odaiba edit 14

Everyone knows what RWB is but did you know that one of Nakai's original cuts is Nojima Yusuke's AE86?

dl sn odaiba edit 16

Shoya Ayukawa FC3S RX-7: simple, slammed...very sexy.

dl sn odaiba edit 03

dl sn odaiba edit 05

dl sn odaiba edit 04

Ryosuke Horiai's Garage MINIZ Nissan S15 won Best in Show with a Rocket Bunny kit, Barramundi Design forged wheels and a Twin-Turbo Toyota 1UZ V8 swap. The car is from Hokkaido, which is over 15 hours away from Tokyo (including a ferry ride to move the car from Hokkaido Island to mainland Japan!). You can read more about Garage MINIZ at 

dl sn odaiba edit 19

Masa Ishi's 326 Power aero-equipped Nissan S14 Silvia

Not that we recommend this type of fitment but this was too good to not close the story out with:

dl sn odaiba edit 25

Check the gallery for bonus Stance Nation Odaiba 2015 cuts.

(Photos: Colin Waki)

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