Flashback to the '80s: Future Classics at Radwood 2

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Being born in the 80’s and growing up in the 90’s, Radwood took me right back to my childhood. A car show featuring only cars from that era was like stepping into a time machine.

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The 80's and 90's are a tough period to classify. Being that cars of that era are too new to be considered classic and just old enough to begin considered vintage, Some of these cars are still out of place at most car shows and non-brand specific meets.

Redwood brought together forgotten names like Peugeot, Saab, Taurus SHO, Supra, Legend, Galant VR-4 and others—all restored to like-new condition. Some rows looked straight out of a 90's car dealership...

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While other rows looked like what I wish my high school parking lot looked like...

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In recent years, many cars of the period such as the E30 M3, 911, NSX and Supra have seen a spike in resale prices and are now highly treasured among collectors.

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While others, like the Integra Type R, are sought after as affordable alternatives—or by people who have wanted the model since teenage years and can finally afford it.

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With modern JDM and Europe-only classics being over 25 years old, they can now be imported, driven and registered in some states across America.

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As modern cars become more technologically advanced, will people begin to resurrect and treasure these forgotten economy cars or will they continue to rot away in junkyards as most of them currently do?

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See more from Radwood in the gallery above.


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