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Two-Seater Whoop-Eater: Nick Nelson's New Secret Weapon [Video]

Nick Nelson isn't your typical race-car driver. He's more of a 1-man race team. From design to assembly to prep to race to repair and rebuild, Nick is the guy pulling the all-nighters to make things happen. After a short hiatus from Ultra4 to race his 4-wheel drive Trophy Truck, Nick is back stronger than ever with his newest threat. Based on a design he created with fellow Nitto Tire teammate Loren Healy, Nick perfected this 2-seater Jimmy's 4x4 chassis with some of his own touches. After a few engine hiccups kept him from racing KOH and finishing this year's Mint 400, Nick has the car dialed in and ready to take on the Ultra4 field for the remainder of the season. Nick brought his new car out to Moab, Utah for the 2018 Easter Jeep Safari, and even ran a few trails to test the new car's chops in the red rocks. Watch the video above to get some of the details on what makes Nick's new car his best yet, and keep an eye out for Nick in upcoming Ultra4 races.  

Nick Nelson climbing the last obstacle on Cliffhanger in Moab

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